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Cosmetic Surgery for JJ Watt?

Cosmetic Surgery for JJ Watt, Houston

Ask any professional player, they will tell you football is a rough sport.  This season, Houston Texan’s Defensive End, JJ Watt, has had his fair share of bumps and bruises.  Earlier in the year, JJ had an ill-fated collision with the opposing team, and ended up with a severe bloody gash on his nose.  Even after multiple stitches, Watt has continued to reopen the wound during games.  As the season comes to a close, he is starting to think about a corrective cosmetic procedure.

Watt’s injury has left a permanent indentation and red mark across the bridge of his nose.  He recently told an AP reporter that his mother is constantly telling him how much she dislikes the scar.  “We’ll see what happens.  If it doesn’t heal itself, then I will look into getting it fixed,” Watt said.

JJ Watts Broken Nose Surgery

Dr. Paul Vitenas explains that Watts could have several benefits from nasal cosmetic surgery.  First, it would restore an appealing look to the nasal bridge.  Second, it would permanently repair the injured area, protecting it during future hits, and preventing further damage.  Depending on the specific physical needs, a cosmetic scar revision procedure can include excising tissue and Dermabrasion or Laser Therapy to smooth the raised area.  Rhinoplasty can also be utilized to sculpt and repair the internal structure of the nose, improving potential airway obstruction, as well as increase the aesthetic appearance.

Even if you are not a pro-athlete, serious injury can occur to the nose during a fall or accident.  To find out your options for nasal correction, call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at 281.484.0088.  We will set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Vitenas, to discuss which corrective technique can most benefit your unique situation.