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Don’t Be Frightened of the Boo-tox!

Botox HoustonFear of the unknown is what keeps most women out of the cosmetic surgeon’s office.  This is especially true of the most reputable wrinkle reducing injectable, Botox Cosmetic.  The myth that Botox will make the face look ‘frozen’ or over accentuate the natural features can be scary enough to keep away even the bravest soul.  But once you get to know Botox, it will go from frightening to fabulous!

Attacking wrinkles and fine lines, the only real threat Botox Cosmetic poses will be to the look of aging skin.  Botox stalks facial creases by temporarily paralyzing the targeted muscle, hindering the nerve impulses, and killing the unsightly wrinkles.  Ideal areas for the use of Botox are the Forehead Creases, the Frown Line (between the eyebrows), Crow’s Feet, and around the corners of the mouth.  Botox Cosmetic is even used to treat Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.

Petrified about your results?  While you may see some immediate result, full benefits will take between two and three weeks to show themselves.  By using a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon to administer your Botox Cosmetic, there is little chance for a frozen ghost face.  Today’s plastic surgeon is much more skilled and knowledgeable in Botox Cosmetic, reducing the chance for any complications.

Frightened of spending thousands on plastic surgery or the permanence of the results?  Botox presents the perfect solution.  Botox is also easy on the budget; the average treatment costs between $150 and $600, depending on the severity and size of area being corrected.  A treatment will take less than 30 minutes in the office.  The results last from 3-4 months, so if you are not happy with the results, they will pass.  When you are pleased with your appearance, though, just another quick trip to the cosmetic surgeon’s office will keep up your new look, though.

Do not be afraid to call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery for more information on Botox Cosmetic, or any other non-invasive treatment.  We will answer your questions and calm your fears, removing the terror of the unknown.  We should warn you though, Botox – or this Halloween season, Boo-tox – can have some startling results . . . you will suddenly look better than you could have ever imagined!