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Dr. Vitenas Joins the Elite RealSelf 100

Dr. Vitenas Joins the Elite RealSelf 100

RealSelf, the number one, online hub for plastic and cosmetic surgery information, just released its annual list of the most influential doctors. Called the RealSelf 100, this elite group of physicians is responsible for making the largest impact of all member doctors on the website over the last 12 months. Houston is proud to announce that its very own, Paul Vitenas MD FACS, was named as a part of this prestigious group. Even more amazing – 2017 marks Dr. Vitenas’ fourth time to make the RealSelf 100 list.

A Brief History of RealSelf:

Founded in 2006, RealSelf is an online community created to provide extensive, unfiltered cosmetic surgery information. Designed for the consumer, RealSelf offers detailed procedure information and before/after photographs, as well as patient testimonials and reviews. The site also offers patients a unique opportunity to ask questions, large and small, of the participating surgeons. In 2016, there were more than half a million inquiries on everything from breast augmentation to Mommy Makeovers, from CoolSculpting to Botox Cosmetic. Best of all, these questions and answers are available for everyone to peruse.

Who are the RealSelf 100?

There are thousands of participating doctors on RealSelf, with backgrounds ranging from plastic surgery and dermatology to cosmetic dentistry. All of these doctors work together to provide multiple answers to patient questions and inquiries.

However, set apart from the long list of trusted RealSelf physicians are the RealSelf 100. This set of 100 doctors are put in the most time on the website and answer the most patient questions. Last year, the RealSelf 100 put in more than 10,000 hours engaging with the public. Their responses made up 25% of the total responses on the website. Through their conscientious social media interactions, the RealSelf 100 personally touch thousands of potential patients across the country and around the world.

Founder and CEO of RealSelf, Tom Serry, had this to say: “Our research shows that more than 95 percent of patients expect a (medical) practice to engage with them online.” He continues, “The RealSelf 100 represents an exclusive group of doctors who embody both excellent patient service and an ongoing commitment to educating consumers shopping in the aesthetics market. These doctors are leading the way in terms of their online engagement and focus on empowering patients with good information.”

Check out Dr. Vitenas on RealSelf:

Have you visited RealSelf lately? The online plastic surgery community is truly your one-stop-shop for everything aesthetic. Look through detailed procedure information, read uncut testimonials from recent patients, and browse thousands of before/after photographs. Arguably the best feature of RealSelf, however, is your ability to ask doctors your plastic surgery questions. Be prepared to get candid and meaningful advice from experienced plastic surgeons across the country – all real instructions that can help you achieve your desired results.

Dr. Vitenas is a long-time member of the RealSelf team. To date, he has posted more than 2,000 answers to a variety of patient questions. Dr. Vitenas has more than 121,000 profile views and over 100 satisfied patient reviews. See his RealSelf profile for detailed information. You can also find out more about the 2017 RealSelf 100 Winners here, or read more about how the site’s top doctors are chosen.

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