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Energy Based Devices for Fat Elimination

Your skin is a living tissue; the largest organ in your body. Skin has a miraculous ability to repair itself. It also has the ability to grow with tension. As the body gets larger, for example through weight gain or pregnancy, the skin will elongate to accommodate the new size. Unfortunately, when the tension is decreased, the additional skin remains. There is no way to reverse this mechanism. If the added weight is lost, lax and drooping tissues may result.

Liposuction produces tried and true results.

Liposuction is the process used to remove unwanted fatty tissue, restoring a healthy contour to areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and arms. Liposuction involves a small cannula (hollow tube) inserted under the skin to loosen fat, and then vacuum it away. While the results from Liposuction are phenomenal, there remains the problem of stretched, unsightly skin.

Science and the world of cosmetic surgery are working hard to find a way to eliminate fatty tissue, while at the same time resolving the sagging tissue that remains after treatment. There are devices marketed as doing just that, but the reality is, they cannot work miracles.

Energy-based fat elimination promises more than it can deliver.

Energy-based fat elimination is the latest fad in body contouring. The noninvasive treatment sounds promising. Bulging, rippling fat is targeted by an energy source, safely breaking down the unwanted tissue, and tightening the skin. While some energy sources do have the ability to kill off fat cells – the treatments can be very successful in wrinkle reduction – their ability to restore shape to extremely lax skin is minimal.

Types of energy-based devices include:
• Ultrasound
• Radiofrequency (RF)
• Laser Energy
• Cold Energy
• Shockwaves
• Magnetic pulses

Be careful; the only area that looses bulk may be your wallet.

People with small layers of superficial fatty tissue, and skin with superb elasticity, may notice some minor improvements with energy-based techniques. Otherwise, patients are left with a lighter wallet instead of a thinner waistline. For now, people should stick with Liposuction, which paired with a surgical skin lift, can successfully restore curves and sleek physical contours.

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