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Enjoy Post-Seasonal Cheer with the Body Lift

Houston Post Seasonal Body Lift

The title may be a bit tongue in cheek, and nobody would suggest that a yo-yo diet plan coupled with repeat cosmetic surgery is a good idea, but there is something in the air at this time of year that leads many people to have one last time of excess before wrestling back control of their bodies from old man Time.

After all, we’re all victims of the aging process and for some that manifests itself in weight gain around the middle (tummy and buttocks) which becomes unsightly and, frankly, unwieldy. Getting rid of it is no joke, either.

There are options – exercise or surgery – but these can leave you with another issue: flabby skin hanging down (front and back) and additional creases and wrinkles that are the tell-tale signs of recent, and rapid, weight loss.

Pregnancy and Weight Fluctuations Sides of the Same Coin

Skin is pretty elastic stuff. When we eat and expand, or during pregnancy, the skin also expands. While it often springs back to more or less its old self after the birth, sometimes it doesn’t and for that, Dr. Vitenas offers the Mommy Makeover.

As the name implies, it’s most useful to recent mothers who find that bearing and rearing children have taken its toll on the tummy and breasts. The solution is often an all-round process that nips and tucks all the right places, along with breast augmentation if desired to restore the cleavage to its former glory.

Similar but even more extensive is the body lift. Since rapid weight gain and loss in men is similar in its effect on the skin to pregnancy in women, the body lift helps both sexes reshape their bodies to near perfection. There’s also a saying that men put on weight at the same time as their pregnant partners, and if that’s the case, this is also something they can share – His ’n Hers post-pregnancy body lifts!

Joking aside, this really is one of those rare procedures that does work for both men and women. During surgery, excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen, backside and hips. Liposuction may be performed at the same time to refine the results. The result is that the shape can be restored. In many cases, the surgery even improves on what was there before the weight gain or pregnancy.

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Arguably, we’re also approaching body lift season – if it actually has a season – as it’s the time of year where a bit of downtime isn’t going to go amiss. Recovery from the body lift will take at least a couple of weeks, and require a compression garment to be worn which will limit the patient’s activities.

Full recovery will take up to six weeks, and there will be some discomfort from both drainage tubes and medication. However, if you take a look at Dr. Vitenas’ bodylift before and after gallery, you’re likely to agree that the downtime is well worth the end effect.

In fact, if you’re at all curious, send in a photo or call the office to schedule your free cosmetic surgery consultation, and find out just what kind of difference having a body lift could make. It’s the kind of surgery that can be life changing for both men and women who want to turn back the clock on their bodies.

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