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Facial Sculpting With Buccal Fat Removal

About Cheek Liposuction

There’s been a trend for all things sculpting. Body sculpting, for example, with its promises of fat removal and reshaping, is always popular just before summer kicks off.

But how about a bit of facial sculpting? For those who wish their cheeks weren’t so plump, the answer may well be in a procedure known as buccal fat removal, which can reach parts that usually can’t be touched with a simple combination of diet and exercise.

It’s in the Genes

Some grow out of a baby face, but others seem to grow into chipmunk cheeks. Sadly, there’s nothing they can do about it; it’s a hereditary trait. Fullness in the lower cheek that leads to a chubby look often can’t be tackled just by slimming down.

While many describe such plump as “cherubic,” it isn’t the best look for some people, and their confidence can take a hit if they feel that it doesn’t quite match the image they’d like to project. For an idea of the difference changing this feature can make on one’s physical appearance, there is a selection of buccal fat removal photographs from previous patients on Dr. Vitenas’s website.

A Quick and Easy Solution

Dr. Vitenas offers the buccal fat removal procedure in a local hospital, under local anesthetic. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete, with patients typically returning to work the next day. Full recovery takes one to two weeks providing the after-care instructions are followed to the letter.

Unlike other procedures, there’s also no visible scarring, as the incision is made inside the mouth. This makes it a technically challenging procedure, and requires a specialist’s knowledge of the intraoral anatomy, as the fat needs to be removed from the masseter muscle. Of course, Dr. Vitenas has unparalleled experience in performing this surgery on patients with a wide variety of facial structures, and prides himself on being able to create a natural look that respects the patient’s preferences.

There may be some limited local swelling, but little or no pain should be experienced during the recovery period. The end effect is that the chubbiness of the cheeks are reduced, allowing the upper cheeks to be more pronounced, in turn giving the whole face a slimmer look.

For a snapshot of procedures such as buccal fat removal, Dr. Vitenas has put up a gallery of before and after photographs. If you believe that surgery will help you to achieve your dream look, the Houston-based practice can be reached at(281) 484-0088. Dr. Vitenas is currently offering a free consultation, which you can conduct online. So ask him whether he feels he can help you to slim down those cheeks today!