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Fat Transfer and Breast Enhancement Surgery

Fat Transfer and Breast Enhancement Surgery

To add to his ever-growing list of accolades, Dr. Paul Vitenas now has the “Top Fat Transfer Doctor 2014” accolade from RealSelf. But what exactly is fat transfer (also known as fat grafting), and how can it help you achieve your ideal body?

Fat transfer is a technique for taking fat from places you don’t want it (buttocks are a popular source) and putting it where you definitely would like a bit more of a curve (like your bust). So, if you’re contemplating sculpting your ideal figure with some liposuction, and breast enhancement surgery, this might be the perfect answer.

Breast Enhancement Advantages

Using your own fat has many advantages over an implant. For a start, it’s natural and requires only a small incision to insert the cleaned fat into the breast, along with a similarly small incision to suck the fat out from the buttock, thigh or abdomen.

The tissue that’s inserted will also continue to live — after all, it’s living cell tissue from your own body — which makes the addition permanent. The effect is immediate, long-lasting, and will leave you with a natural curve that can be accurately shaped in a way that is hard, if not impossible, to achieve with synthetic breast implants.

The kinds of things that Dr. Vitenas regularly fixes are:

  • small or sagging breasts
  • non-proportional or asymmetric breasts
  • breasts that have been affected by childbirth or illness

To achieve great results takes between three and five hours, including the time taken to extract sufficient material to complete the enhancement, and depends on the desired size and shape of the breasts.

Alternative Uses for Fat Transfer

It’s not just about breasts, either. A variety of other areas can benefit from the technique, such as:

  • hands
  • face
  • calves

Some examples include using fat transfer to improve the appearance of aging hands, adding volume to areas of your face that might appear a bit gaunt or sunken, and reshaping calves to give a more feminine shape to your legs.

It’s all about re-establishing the proportions that help show your body in its best light, and dealing with stubborn pockets of fat that can’t be shifted no matter how long you spend in the gym. If you’re going to have liposuction anyway, you may as well make good use of the extracted fat.

Dr. Vitenas has an excellent reputation at his Houston-based practice for fat grafting. To find out more, you can call (281) 484-0088 to book an initial consultation. He runs an informative website which is a great starting point for anyone considering fat transfer.