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From Crowd-Funded Boob Jobs to Perfected Breast Augmentation

Perfected Breast Augmentation in Houston

It’s finally happened… crowd-funded breast augmentation has gone viral. Okay, maybe not viral, but it’s here, courtesy of a new service called, appropriately enough, MyFreeImplants, with the very catchy slogan “Invest in Breasts”. The purpose of the site is easy enough to appreciate, so let’s go with the sanitized, naive view.

People sign up to donate a small amount of money for ladies to be able to afford to have implants, and share in their breast enlargement stories. In return, those supplying donations have the knowledge that they’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

The rise of MyFreeImplants just goes to show the importance attached to this surgery, both socially, and as a form of titillation. It may have started out innocently enough, but it’s never long before money changes hands for photos where breasts are involved, which just reinforces the belief held by many that bigger is often better.

Reports and statistics derived from information from institutions such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicate that breast surgery is the overall leader in cosmetic surgery procedures. So, it’s clearly not just women looking for a new career as an online exotic model who are shopping for breast surgery. There are a multitude of reasons, and a multitude of sizes.

First-Hand Accounts

Despite the potential “ick” factor associated with MyFreeImplants, one thing that is good about the website (although you have to dig a bit) are the stories and advice offered by those before and after surgery. There is a lot that can be learned from those who have experienced it firsthand.

For instance, it’s important for a surgeon to give you guidance as to what dimensions will fit your frame, and exactly which procedures are needed. As the ASPS website points out, merely adding an implant sometimes isn’t enough. It can also be necessary to perform a breast lift at the same time to correct sagging. There may well be other complementary procedures that will help to achieve the desired shape along with the size.

But back to the stories: Some of them are horror stories of implant surgery gone wrong, and ladies resorting to the site to raise funds for breast implant revision surgery, something that Dr. Vitenas himself performs on a regular basis. Breast implant revision surgery is sometimes required to correct issues either with the implants (such as deflation or malposition) or the breast tissue itself.

More Modest Augmentation

Also interesting in the comments and stories (and this is purely anecdotal) is the range of different ideas about what size is appropriate. Some changes are slight, some are more drastic, but on the whole it seems that women are realistic and just tweaking their size as opposed to going for the oversized breasts that one might assume.

This reinforces the idea that breast augmentation is often carried out to enhance one’s body image, and not just to attract attention. Women who have suffered a natural breast reduction or sagging after breast feeding or have congenitally small breasts, as well as those who have had surgery such as a mastectomy, fall into the category of just wanting to do it for themselves. And that’s a healthy reason to opt for surgery, whether you go about it the traditional route or the crowd-funded way. And while getting crowd-funded for your boob job may not be all that bad, it’s essential that you back it up with a reputable surgeon.

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