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Let me start by saying

Let me start by saying that at one time in my life I had a very bad experience with a male doctor. Ever since then I vowed never to go to another male doctor ever again. When I decided to have my surgery I turned to my sister-in-law for a referral since she had the same procedure done. She quickly gave me Dr. Vitenas’ information. When I found out that Dr. Vitenas is a man my red flags went up immediately. After discussing my issues with her I found out that she too had the same reservations I did, but decided to do the surgery with Dr. Vitenas anyway. She was completely satisfied! Needless to say, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Vitenas. I can honestly say that since my first visit to my most recent visit he, along with all of his staff, have made me feel very, very comfortable. Any reservations I may have had quickly vanished. There is nothing but professionalism in his office. Having an appointed coordinator actually made things a lot easier too. You only had to deal with one person therefore she knew all of the details of you and your surgery from start to finish.

The staffs at the doctor’s office and at the hospital as well were very helpful and very pleasant. There was always someone with a smiling caring face there to answer any and all questions I had. If someone didn’t know the answer they would find out for me. They also had somebody on call during off hours (they actually encouraged you to call!) which also impressed me; especially since my surgery was conducted during the Christmas holidays.

One particular moment that touched me was when my concerned husband questioned Dr. Vitenas as to why the surgery took so long since we had been told (NOT by the doctor) that it would only last a couple of hours 2 ½ at the most. Dr. Vitenas said that he never gives a time limit when it comes to his surgeries. If it took one hour or ten he was going to take as long as necessary for the surgery to be a complete success; and that he did. That being said, my husband was completely relieved and very confident that everything would turn out fine. That alone spoke volumes to both my husband and me.

I’m not going to say that everything went smoothly. The recovery process was not easy. I realized that I really had to want this procedure in order to be able to endure what I did. At the same time, I knew that as long as I followed the doctor’s instructions 100% (and prayed consistently) before and after the surgery then the recovery would go as easily and as quickly as it possibly could … and it did. Dr. Vitenas and my coordinator (Jana) did everything they could to make sure I was completely comfortable at all times. For that I am grateful.

Well it’s been almost three months since my surgery, and although I am not fully recovered yet, I can say that I am happy with what I see so far. I was happy with the outcome after the first month. I wasn’t able to say that a few months back. I DID NOT like to look in the mirror because I wasn’t pleased with what I saw. With time and a lot of exercise I am not “fearful” to see my reflection and I am looking forward to see what is to come. So, would I recommend this surgery AND Dr. Vitenas to others? … most definitely!!!