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Get the Hourglass Shape with a Brazilian Butt Lift!

brazilian butt lift

You’re at the gym every day, doing squats and lunges. But, your butt remains flat as a pancake and the hourglass shape you want remains a dream. While some people can plump up their butt with just exercise, others need a bit of an extra boost.

That’s where the Brazilian butt lift comes in. If you’ve long wanted an hourglass figure but haven’t been able to get one on your own, a butt lift can help. Since there are a number of misconceptions out there about the surgery, it’s important to understand what it is, what it isn’t, and whether it’s the best pick for you.

What a Brazilian Butt Lift Is

The goal of a Brazilian butt lift is to accentuate the size of the buttocks. The name can be a bit confusing. For example, a breast lift is commonly done to make the breasts more perky, while a breast augmentation is done to enlarge the breasts. But, a butt lift is done to enhance the size of the butt and to make it more perky.

Although it’s possible to have implants placed in the buttocks, the most common option is to use fat from your own body. Implants tend to have a higher risk for complications, plus they can create a less natural appearance. Although there is a chance that your body will reabsorb some of the fat injected into the buttocks, fat transfer tends to look more natural than implants. The procedure of transferring fat also tends to be less involved than placing implants.

What a Brazilian Butt Lift Isn’t

You might have seen news stories about women who had silicone injected into their buttocks to make them larger. While silicone is a material that’s used in a number of implants and medical devices, it’s not a material that should be injected into the body. In the case of the women who had silicone injections, the person giving the injections usually used a product purchased from a hardware store and meant for industrial use. Additionally, the people who tend to offer silicone butt lifts are often not surgeons or any type of medical professional.

Who’s a Candidate for a Butt Lift

Not everyone is a good fit for a butt lift. For one thing, your health is a pretty important consideration. If you  have any sort of health issue, your surgeon will need to know about it. Having a medical condition might not rule you out as a candidate entirely. But, your surgeon will want to get the condition under control before moving forward.

Some habits also take a Brazilian butt lift off of the table. For example, smokers usually don’t make good candidates for the procedure. That’s because smoking makes it more likely for your body to reabsorb the injected fat, undoing the results of the procedure.

About the fat, too — a good candidate needs to have a sufficient amount of fat on her body to transfer to the buttocks. If you’re stick thin all over, not just in the butt, you’re most likely not a good candidate for fat transfer and a butt lift.

What Happens After a Butt Lift

Since it is a two-step procedure, a butt lift typically requires a bit of recovery afterwards. Usually, it’s recommended that you take about two weeks off from work after your butt lift.

There’s one thing you need to think about with a butt lift that you don’t for other types of surgery. While usually the recommendation after surgery is to lie on your back or sit in a chair, you can’t do either after a butt lift. Sitting on your butt will put pressure on the area, which won’t be very comfortable at all. The pressure can also flatten the butt a bit. Instead, try to stand or lie on your stomach as much as possible. Lying on your side is also OK. When you go back to work in an office, see if you can work at a standing desk for the first few weeks back.

There is a chance that some of the fat injected into the butt will be reabsorbed by your body during recovery. As much as a third of the fat can end up reabsorbed. To compensate for the re-absorption, you might have a second or even third butt lift performed.

The fat that does hang around becomes part of the buttocks. That means that the cells can grow or shrink based on what you do. If you lose a fair amount of weight after your butt lift, you might see a decrease in the size of your butt. If you gain weight, your butt might get even rounder.

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