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Who Showed for the Golden Globes?

Houston Golden Globes

Our favorite time of the year has arrived; it is once again award season!  That means a front row seat (sofa to be specific) to star-gaze at Hollywood’s elite.  This past week, as the Golden Globes took over Sunday evening, we were not let down.  Did you notice who showed (their cosmetic work, that is) and who did not?

Sandra Bullock won a Globe for Best Actress in a Drama.  She is looking better than she has in years, undoubtedly being a single parent to her young, adopted son is going well.  In years past, we have seen Sandra looking a little bit too frozen and overdone.  2014, however, is her year to shine . . . and that she did!

Kate Beckinsale was not up for any awards, but she showed up on the red carpet with her director husband, Len Wiseman.  Now Kate has always been a stunner, but if you look closely at photos from the Golden Globes, she is looking a wee bit different.  Kate exudes the appearance of an almost-middle aged woman who has recently reaped the benefits of Botox Cosmetic.

Uma Thermon’s upper lip was looking a bit more plump than we remember.  Her skin is smooth and milky; incredible for a busy, 43 year old mother of three.  Uma’s top lip has been altered in appearance, though.  Its attractive, upturned firmness is most likely from a dermal filler like Juvederm.

Matthew McConaughey is on fire this year, with his performance in the Dallas Buyer’s Club.  What man isn’t envious of Matthew’s good looks and impeccable style?  So the question is, how does the 44 year old actor keep this up?  Has he seen his surgeon for Bro-tox?  Speaking of Botox for the guys, what about his co-star, Jared Leto, who also took home a Golden Globe?  He looks exactly the same as he did 20 years ago, and that is a really good thing!  While we can only speculate if Matthew or Jared have indulged in a few injections along the brow line or forehead, but if they did, their provider is a pro.  They both look fantastic!

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