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Hot Celeb Moms vs. Daughters

plastic surgery mother daughter HoustonIn honor of Mother’s Day, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has put together a celebrity mother-daughter competition.  We know you’ll agree these moms are hot; but do you go so far as to say hotter than their daughters?  Read on to see how we voted – who’s your favorite?

Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow:  Just named the most beautiful woman in the world, Gwyneth is a stunning female; and her mama is not too shabby, either.  Blythe takes fabulous care of her 70 year old complexion, most likely investing in a procedure such as IPL Photo Rejuvenation for the skin or a Neck Lift.   Once she turns on her bright smile, and speaks in her signature raspy voice, Blythe almost steals the stage from her offspring.

Our pick:  Daughter Gwyneth

 Kris Kardashian Jenner and Kim Kardashian:  Mom-to-be Kim was blessed with the most perfect bottom in the world, making her tiny frame and exotic beauty ultra-sexy.  Fifty-seven year old Kris is the mother of 6, and remains a gorgeous, dark-haired siren.  Always making great beauty choices, Kris is extremely open about her Breast Implants and facial ‘touchups’ with Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Our pick:  Mom Kris

 Sharon Osborne and Kelly Osborne:  Kelly has transformed herself over the years, going from a bratty rocker’s kid to a curvaceous young woman.  She has learned to love and take care of her body.  Sharon, 60, has also learned to make the most of her assets; she lost over 100 pounds through gastric bypass before incorporating a Body Lift, Breast Implants, and regular Botox Cosmetic sessions into her life.

Our pick:  Daughter Kelly

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson:  These two are the quintessential beautiful mom/daughter combo.  Kate is a stunning blonde, with a button nose and blue eyes.  Ditto for Goldie; but at 67, you would think some of those all-American good looks would have paled.  The pair’s near perfect DNA accounts for a lot, but we know Goldie must have invested in some sort of tweak to enhance her aging beauty – maybe an eyelift or facelift?

Our pick:  Tie – We know that’s cheating, but these two are too hard to compare.