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It’s the Season for Breast Surgery and Liposuction

Breast Surgery and Liposuction

It’s strange but true, cosmetic and plastic surgery can be seasonal. For example, the winter months are a popular time to have chemical skin peels, due to the need to stay out of the sun while the skin recovers, and just after the winter holiday season, people often oft for facelifts, the idea being that family social engagements have passed and it’s easier to hide behind makeup and scarves in colder weather.

So what about spring? Spring is the season of liposuction and breast enhancement (augmentation, lifting, and, generally for men, reduction), as it leaves just about enough time to recover before the summer comes around in full force.

Preparing for Bikini Season

If you stop to think about it, spring is the time when we start to see new collections coming into stores, and think about the summer vacation period. For those of us who like to escape somewhere that offers an opportunity to get into a swimsuit, it’s also the time for a bit of self-reflection.

People often find that swimsuit season brings with it notice of additional fat in places that they don’t want, and for some women a lack of volume where it’s more usually wanted! This manifests itself in a spike in breast augmentation surgery as women try on their existing swimsuits, or start shopping for something new.

Following the winter months, and as a result of the aging process, many women enter spring less than content with their body shape. A bikini body usually means a flat tummy, along with trim hips and thighs, and a great way to lose fat quickly with little effort is to have liposuction or, for smaller areas of fat, the newer lipodissolve procedure.

Lipodissolve is a minimally invasive way to dissolve fat using a solution that is injected into the treatment areas which helps the body to break down the fat and excrete it naturally. Problem areas such as the midsection, arms, inner thighs and knees can all be treated quickly and relatively painlessly.

For larger areas, liposuction is the usual treatment, and it can be effective in removing fat and improving the shape of the body, often permanently. Although it is invasive (fat is removed via a small tube inserted through small incisions), recovery time is quite quick, about a week, and the procedure can be combined with others such as an abdominoplasty or breast augmentation.

And there’s more – for those who find fat in one place and a lack of volume in another, Dr. Vitenas can actually move fat around to help re-proportion your body shape. A technique called fat transfer can be used to transfer fat removed from an area of excess into other parts of the body, such as the breasts or buttocks.

Seasonal Body Sculpting

Putting all of these techniques together, it’s clear that whether you just need a little help here and there or are looking for an entirely new body shape, Dr. Vitenas and his team have a range of solutions with reasonable recovery times.

It takes a few weeks (and in rare cases more than a month) to recover from the more invasive surgical procedures, so it can’t be left too long, but there’s still time to decide what needs to be done, and what kind of budget fits the bill.

To help you decide the best course of action, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, based in Houston, Texas, can be reached at (281) 484-0088. Dr. Vitenas would be happy to offer advice on the various treatments and procedures that can help you achieve an improved body contour. For those who’d like to see the possibilities, view Dr. Vitenas’ photo gallery of before and after pictures.