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Labiaplasty procedure with Dr. Vitenas

I recently had these procedures done with Dr. Vitenas and I am so amazed with the results! I have had two children and I am 45 years old. I feel like a twenty year old again! I am very pleased with the appearance in a swimsuit. The surgery actually has a very quick recovery time. My surgery was on a Friday and I was back to work by Tuesday. You have to wait six weeks for sexual activity, and that is the only hard part of having the surgery. (But- well worth the wait!)

He has such a skill for reconstructing the labia and clitoral hood that everything looks so natural. I have heard from two of my friends that they were botched up so badly from other doctors that they will now consider re-doing the surgery with Dr. Vitenas to correct it. Another friend who just had her last child will now be seeing him for the vaginoplasty procedure.

Thank you so much Dr. Vitenas for giving me such great results!