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Lessons From Miss Texas

Lessons From Miss TexasSummer is near, and that means pageant season. As you watch Miss Texas get her crown, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery wants you to think about those gorgeous contestant’s features, and remember, we can bring these to you, as well. Take a few tips from the local ladies:

Miss Huntsville, Miss Elkhart, and Miss Jasper show off their creamy complexion.
Women in their early 20’s can begin to notice the first signs of skin damage. To regain – or to keep – a smooth and silky complexion, consider an Obaji Blue Peel or a Diamond Tome Microdermabrasion.

Miss Kirbyville, Miss Spicewood, and Miss Lampasas put their best cheek forward.
High, pronounced cheek bones can make your face look healthier and slimmer, defining the areas around your eyes and mouth. To achieve these, consider Cheek Implants, which will give a natural form and appealing structure to the face.

Miss Laredo, Miss Manvel, Miss Hilltop Lakes, and Miss Nederland have no worries.
It’s impossible not to worry, but with a 15 minute visit to Dr. Vitenas, no one will ever know you’re stressing. Botox Cosmetic, injected into the frown lines between the eyebrows, will keep your face looking relaxed and tension free.

Miss Mont Belvieu, Miss Webster, Miss Grapevine, and Miss Somerville keep their chin up.
A strong chin represents an independent woman, but if it’s too big or too small, the face is off balance. Chin Augmentation can re-shape the chin for a more proportionate look; a Chin Implant will build up a sunken lower face and jawline.

Miss Portland, Miss Saginaw, Miss Kemah, and Miss Wallis smell their success.
Make that first impression count! A hooked, crooked nose brings unwanted attention to the face, whereas a delicate, sloping nose adds to an overall beautiful appearance. With Rhinoplasty, your nose can be sculpted to the right shape and proportion to complement your appearance.

Miss Sour Lake, Miss Woodville, and Miss LaGrange flash that smile.
Full lips give the mouth a sexy, youthful appearance; drawing all eyes to that gorgeous smile. Dermal fillers like Restylane plump the lips with volume; and they will keep the pleasing look for up to 6-12 months.

Whether or not you are on your way to pageant glory, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery can make you look and feel like you are Miss Texas – just provide your own tiara! Call our office at 281.484.0088 to schedule your complementary consultation.