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Lifting Your Body for Summer!

Lifting Your Body for Summer, TXAccording to a new infographic from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, well over 90% of people who have a lift of some kind would both recommend it to a friend, and have other procedures to complement their new look.

There are a number of reasons to have a lift of some kind. For example, regular dieters (who put the weight back on and lost it) may have stretched skin which can be removed to improve their body shape. People who tan frequently or who have been pregnant also suffer from skin laxity, which can be addressed by a lift. Skin laxity is also more common as we age.

One of the most popular lifts is the upper arm lift, but all of the main lift procedures have experienced substantial growth since 1997, among them the lower body lift. The lower body lift targets the buttocks and thighs, and is designed to be as subtle as possible. The incisions can often be hidden by clothing, and while that may mean ditching the tiny bikini in favor of more elegant swimwear, it is a price worth paying for a tighter, more well defined body.

The abdominal area can also be addressed, and some clients choose to combine the lower body lift with a complementary procedure such as the tummy tuck or lifts to the upper body or arms.

Not only does these procedures remove unsightly fat and hanging skin, but they also serve to reduce cellulite and dimples in the affected skin as a result of the stretching and layering process that create the new body contours.

Recovery time is about two weeks, and the patient should wear a pressure garment, and will have drainage tubes attached to drain off excess fluid. Strenuous activity can resume after four weeks. As much as possible the incisions will be hidden by undergarments.

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