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Look and Feel Better With a Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

The forehead is one of the most expressive parts of the face, and can often weigh heavily on the eyebrow line and eyes below it. This can give the face a mean or angry look as a person ages.

For dealing with fine lines and wrinkles, it may be a better option to use fillers, or treat the area with Botox, however there are many cases in which simply smoothing out the skin isn’t enough. That’s where the browlift comes in.

What Is Browlift Surgery Like?

Essentially, the process involves removing excess skin, trimming it away above the hairline, and relocating the underlying muscles, and possibly even elevating the eyebrows. There are a number of options that Dr. Vitenas can take to both minimize visible scarring and respect the patient’s natural features, such as a high hairline.

In fact, getting a natural look — so people won’t notice that you have had any work done– is a key priority in Dr. Vitenas’s approach. He will pick the best approach for whatever facial structure and skin type. These different approaches include:

  1. a coronal incision, running from ear to ear (most extensive)
  2. a hairline incision, running just behind the hairline (good for patients with a high hairline)
  3. the endoscopic approach, using several small incisions within the scalp (least extensive)

There are a number of advantages with the endoscopic approach, including having less effect on the hairline and reducing the chances of developing areas of numbness on the scalp which can occur with traditional browlift surgery.

However, it is important to note that it can be less effective, and while it may be tempting to request (indeed, insist) that it be used, the surgeon’s word needs to be final, as he or she may feel that the ability to see and manipulate the important structures in a such way makes it impossible to use the endoscopic approach.

Recovery time may also be affected by the approach, and will usually mean seven to 10 days of downtime before the clips and sutures are removed, slightly less for the less extensive surgeries. In all cases, strenuous activity should be avoided for at least a month to six weeks.

Other aesthetic issues that can be resolved with this relatively simple procedure include looking tired and stressed — and when combined with a blepharoplasty or facelift, a total rejuvenation of the face can be achieved, restoring youthful vigor and making you look and feel many years younger.

To see some examples of the difference a browlift can make, Dr. Vitenas has placed some before and after photographs on the practice website. If you feel you would benefit from the procedure, the practice is based in Houston, Texas, and can be reached at(281) 484-0088. Dr. Vitenas is even offering a free consultationusing his advanced computer imaging system. Call today!