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Houston’s Male Breast Reduction

Houston Male Breast ReductionMale Breast Reduction is a surgical technique designed to reduce enlarged, female-like breasts in men.

Known as Gynecomastia, an enlarged male breast is a common medical condition which affects many men. While many cases of Gynecomastia have no known cause, the condition is associated with the use of certain drugs and some medical conditions.

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure in which excess fat, breast tissue and sometimes excess skin are removed from the chest. This results in a firmer, flatter appearance and improved contour. One or both breasts may be treated as needed. Dr. Vitenas performs male breast reduction at his personal surgical center.  The Houston Surgery Center is located in the same facility at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.

Gynecomastia Photos in HoustonGynecomastia correction generally takes two to three hours, performed using general anesthesia. During the surgery, liposuction techniques may be used to remove excess fatty tissue, while excision techniques are used to remove excess glandular tissue and skin.

The recovery after male breast reduction generally takes one to two weeks and typically involves some amount of swelling and bruising. Patients are often feeling well enough to resume work, school, and other routine activities in a week or less.  Some discomfort in the chest may be present at first but medication can help to control this.  A support or compression garment may need to be worn for several weeks.

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Q – What is male breast reduction?

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure which can improve the appearance of an enlarged male breast, a condition known as Gynecomastia. Excess fat, tissue and skin may be removed to create a firmer, flatter appearance.

Q – What is the cost of Gynecomastia (Male breast reduction) surgery?

The exact price of Gynecomastia surgery will depend on the patient’s individual needs.  On average, the surgery will start around $5,500 for unilateral cases and start around $8,500 for bilateral cases.  The cost includes the surgical facility, anesthesiologist fees, the surgeon’s price, and all follow-up appointments.  To find out the exact cost of an upcoming male breast reduction procedure, upload your photo to our contact form or schedule a consultation appointment.

Q – Am I a good candidate for a male breast reduction?

Healthy men who are looking to improve an enlarged male breast may be good candidates for male breast reduction. The cause of Gynecomastia should be determined if possible prior to surgery.

Q – What will happen during my male breast reduction consultation?

During consultation for male breast reduction, Dr. Vitenas will review your complete medical history and current medications.  He will review your post-op goals and desires.  After explaining the procedure, Dr. Vitenas will answer any questions you may have.  He will also show a variety of before/after photographs and use computer imaging. Finally, Dr. Vitenas will cover the recovery requirements, potential complications, cost, and your payment choices, including financing through CareCredit.

Q- Where will Dr. Vitenas perform the Gynecomastia correction?

The Houston Surgery Center is Dr. Vitenas private surgical center, located in the same building on Richmond Avenue.

Q – What type of anesthesia does Dr. Vitenas use during the male breast reduction?

Male breast reduction will use general anesthesia.

Q – How is the male breast reduction procedure performed?

Liposuction techniques may be used during the male breast reduction procedure to remove excess fat. For excess glandular tissue and skin, excision is used.

Q – How long does a male breast reduction take to perform?

The surgery for male breast reduction is about two or more hours long.

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Q – Is male breast reduction painful?

While a male breast reduction is not painful, there may be some tightness and tenderness in the chest following their male breast reduction procedure.  Dr. Vitenas will prescribe them needed pain medications to make sure you are comfortable during your recovery.

Q. What happens during the male breast reduction recovery?

The recovery process following a male breast reduction will take one to two weeks.  Patients can return to work or school within one week or less. Some swelling, bruising and discomfort may occur.  Dr. Vitenas will prescribe the needed pain medications for a comfortable recovery.  A special support garment may need to be worn for the first post-op month.

Q – What are the risks of Gynecomastia correction?

The male breast reduction is considered a safe and effective procedure.  There is always a chance for complications, which may include excessive bleeding, infection, hematoma, scarring, delayed wound healing.

Q – What are my payment options for my Gynecomastia correction?

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery accepts cash, all major credit cards, and medical financing through CareCredit.