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March Madness – Sweet 16 (Facts About Plastic Surgery in 2016)

March Madness - Sweet 16 (Facts About Plastic Surgery in 2016)

March Madness is upon us! To some that may mean college basketball, but to the rest of us, March is time for the annual plastic surgery statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Each year, the ASPS compiles information from all of the aesthetic practices across the country, providing a snapshot of what is being requested and performed. From these numbers, we can get a better understanding of the changing trends and upcoming importance of certain procedure. This year’s facts and figures are surprising and exciting – reflecting our penchant towards nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Take a look for yourself:

2016’s Sweet 16

  1. Breast Augmentation is the #1 most popular surgical procedure – again.
  2. More than 290,465 Breast Augmentations were performed.
  3. 84% of women chose silicone implants, while 16% chose saline
  4. Labiaplasty grew in popularity, with 12,666 performed in 2016, up from 9,138 in 2015.
  5. Surgical chin augmentation decreased over the last year by 4%.
  6. Butt implants totaled 2,999 procedures; however butt lifts totaled more than 4,250.
  7. More than 235,000 liposuction procedures were completed.
  8. 11,299 lower body lifts were performed, a 5,358% increase from the 207 performed in 2000.
  9. Botox topped the nonsurgical procedure list with 7,056,255 sessions.
  10. Since 2000, use of soft tissue filler has increased by 298%.
  11. CoolSculpting hit a record 333,082 fat freezing sessions.
  12. Fat transfers went up from 70,000 in 2015 to more than 79,000 in 2016.
  13. Collagen injections have gone down 98% since 2000, although 14,126 treatments were still performed.
  14. Laser hair removal counted for 1,109,385 sessions, increasing by 51% since 2000.
  15. A total of 1,790,987 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed.
  16. A whopping 15,411,829 minimally invasive, aesthetic procedures were done.

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