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Mind Your Back – Top Reasons for a Back Lift

Reasons for a Back Lift

It’s not the most obvious cosmetic surgery procedure, granted. In fact, most of us have probably never actually seen our own backs up close, and many people just don’t give it a second thought. Nevertheless, whether it’s on the beach or wearing a little backless black dress this holiday season, your back may be on display.

Your back is also responsible for what fashion executives often call the silhouette. They’re forever trying to figure out new ways to enhance ladies’ silhouettes, and make the most of the classic hourglass shape that is so attractive. The back lift will help to achieve that classic shape, and restore a youthful contour that will complement your wardrobe completely.

What’s Wrong with Your Back?

There are several areas in the upper back that can suffer from excess fat and skin, but this is especially common around the bra line where bulging pockets of fat extend around the edges of the bra. The back lift can change the contour of the back, as well as remove sagging or wrinkled skin, in order to create a smoother appearance.

It is important to remember that the procedure will leave slight scarring, which can usually be concealed under the bra strap. A careful consultation with Dr. Vitenas’ team will need to be carried out to ensure that you will be completely happy with the results.

As well as the upper back lift, there is also a lower back lift which can be performed as either a separate surgery or at the same time as the upper back lift. At the initial consultation, Dr. Vitenas can show, using advanced computer imaging, the various possibilities so that you can make an informed decision.

Not Forgetting the Buttocks!

The lower back lift not only re-contours the back, but also lifts the buttocks as well. The end result is a slimmer, more defined lower back with a return to the shapely buttocks and hourglass shape of your youth.

To achieve the desired result, a small, easily concealed incision is necessary across the top of the buttocks. Before and after photos are available on the web site so that you can see the amazing results that Dr. Vitenas is able to achieve for his patients and how he camouflages incisions for the least visible scarring.

After the Back Lift – Tips for Post-Surgical Care

The surgery itself is conducted under general anesthesia, which means that there is a short hospital stay involved. As it is a surgical procedure, there are the usual risks associated with infection, bruising and swelling, which can all be minimized with correct aftercare.

Top of that list is obviously no lifting heavy objects for six weeks, although work can usually be resumed after seven to ten days, as long as it doesn’t involve any strenuous activity. Your surgical team will provide more complete information at the initial consultation, and it is important to follow their guidelines for a successful, stress-free, and comfortable recovery.

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