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Dr. Paul Vitenas is one of the finest plastic surgeons

Dr. Paul Vitenas is one of the finest plastic surgeons with extraordinary talent using science and art to achieve phenomenal results. His untouched photographs of his patients speak for themselves. I am a 53 year old patient of Dr.Vitenas who has entrusted his exceptional expertise to restore my face and body to a younger natural healthy appearance by having several different surgeries that include a full facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction and bodylift, and finally, hand surgery. All of my surgeries had very minimal pain and down time and of course phenomenal results! He also should be credited for having one of the finest office staff a doctor could find. They are so professional and knowledgeable and work very hard to accommodate his patients’ needs. Each and everyone of them are unique, personable and treat you like family. They always make time for you no matter how busy they are. Finally, he should also be credited with having his own skin institute with the newest technologies in skin care, products, and supplements to help you achieve and keep your skin looking its very best.