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Simple, Minimalist, Natural Cosmetic Surgery Results

Cosmetic Surgery Results

In their desire to look more attractive, it seems that some people neglect the fact that they also should feel happy with the results when they look in the mirror. For example, your lips thin naturally as you get older – usually from your mid to late 30s – and so injections were introduced to let people re-plump their lips, presumably in an attempt to look both younger and more attractive.

A quick web search for images of various celebrities who’ve had their lips boosted in this way will yield a gallery of pictures that might make you wonder whether the recipients are entirely happy with the result. It’s easy to go too far and end up with puffy, oversized lips (the infamous ‘trout pout’) but at least it’s not permanent if fillers are used. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is, if not permanent, incredibly long-lasting, thanks to the advanced techniques used by Dr. Vitenas and his colleagues.

Of course, if it’s going to last for the foreseeable future, it had better look good. Better than that, it had better look right.

Keeping it Simple, Natural

Take the facelift, for example. Often used to help reduce the effects of the aging process and to enhance a patient’s appearance so that they appear better looking, facelifts have changed a lot over the years, as has the support used to agree on the desired, expected and likely outcomes. Dr. Vitenas has, along with before and after photos, access to computer imaging techniques that can show the patient, with a fair degree of accuracy, how their face will look after the procedure has taken place. This technology means that patients can be very specific about what they think needs changing, and surgeons can offer the very best advice.

There’s a general point to be made here – Dr. Vitenas prides himself on long-lasting, natural-looking, beautiful results obtained by doing just the right amount of surgery. In the past, surgeons could only offer skin-only stretching to try and reduce wrinkles, but now they can use techniques that affect the muscles, tissue, and even placement of features like cheek pads.

Patients may be tempted to overdo it, and request that the surgeon use all of these techniques to alter the way that they look, without thinking about the psychological impact of the change. You still need to look at yourself in the mirror every day, and you need to be sure that it’s still you looking back and not the echo of a popular celebrity.

That said, there are studies that point to things like the most popular nose (for a while it was Kate Middleton’s, in case you were wondering) and this approach does work for faces that have the same symmetry. But it’s not a good reason to have a nose job, and a responsible surgeon will usually tell you that to your face.

There are some good reasons for having surgery, such as as a way to boost confidence, stay attractive, and appear more relaxed in today’s busy world of high pressure living. Dr. Vitenas has spent years honing his skills to make sure that the most natural, almost imperceptible results can be achieved whilst bringing together the patient’s expectations and his own realistic point of view.

And that’s the point: it’s far better to look like a more attractive version of yourself than to look like someone else. The result will be better, more natural, and more likely to have a positive psychological impact (making you happy) than a negative one.

To see what the results of his talent could bring you, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, based in Houston, Texas, can be reached at (281) 484-0088, and Dr. Vitenas will be glad to offer advice and guidance on achieving the most natural face or body enhancement.