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New Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery Review

I showed Dr. Vitenas what I looked like in my favorite *although VERY padded* bra. Told him I wanted to look exactly like that, just without the bra. He did a fantastic job. No one at work has noticed since it looks so natural. I had the surgery on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. The biggest difference for me is when I have on my bathing suit. I went from (not quite) an A cup to a full C, and it has tremendously helped my self-esteem! I love how natural they feel, look and move. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone that is uncomfortable with their size. The procedure was so quick and the recoop time was extrememly fast. I went out for dinner and some shopping the very next day after the surgery. I have 3 kids and was back to taking care of them in 2 days. Well, well worth every penny.

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