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New Breasts for Christmas? Start Planning Now

New Breasts for Christmas

Is it too soon to start talking about purchasing – finally – the Christmas present for which you’ve been wanting for oh-so-long? No, especially if it’s the gift of breast reduction. Ideally, you’d start planning your consultation now, because, although the holiday is three months away, it gives you the perfect amount of time to recover. Then, closer to the holiday, you can treat yourself to all the bras and appropriately fitted nighties you’ve been putting off buying.

How the Recovery Works

The usual recovery period after breast reduction is about seven to 10 days. For that time, there’ll be some soreness, but medication will be provided to help.

After the reduction, you’ll be able to work after just a few days, though it’s recommended that patients refrain from any strenuous activities for four to six weeks, including holiday shopping. Walking through the mall day in and day out, buying gifts for everyone can be exhausting. That’s why it’s important you plan soon: so you’ll still have plenty of time to drag the Christmas tree across the living room, or marathon through all the toy stores. (It’s a good idea, though, to ask a friend or family member to help your post-surgical self with these tasks.)

What Makes a Great Breast Reduction Candidate?

You’re the right fit if you’re healthy and have breasts that hinder normal activities because they are too big or heavy. The procedure is designed to reduce the heaviness and sagginess of large breasts – which is accomplished by not only reducing them in size but lifting them up as well. The end result? It provides needed relief to women whose large breasts have been causing neck, back, and shoulder pain. And what can be a better present than relief?

Go In for a Consult

During the consultation, Dr. Vitenas and you will go over your medical history. You’ll talk about what you want out of the procedure, which will be easier to articulate and visualize after you see both pre- and post-op pictures from other breast reduction patients – and after you see computer imaging that shows the results you could achieve. During the consultation, Dr. Vitenas will answer all of your questions, including technique, recovery, risks, costs, and financing options.

The Surgery

Breast reduction surgery takes around three hours and may be performed with general anesthesia. During the procedure, a periareola and inverted T incision is made — that incision circles the areola and extends vertically below the nipple and horizontally along the crease beneath the breast. After the incision, excess fatty tissue, glandular tissue and skin are removed. To achieve a more aesthetic breast shape, liposuction is usually preformed in the armpit area.

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