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Minimally invasive (Non–Surgical) Procedures

At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, we offer our patients a vast selection of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures designed to improve the appearance of skin on the face and body.  Using the newest, cutting-edge techniques, we can restore beautiful, glowing skin, often with little to no downtime.  Below is a comprehensive list of the offerings at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery; contact the office for more information.


Acne can affect more than just teens; adults frequently break out, as well.  As the most common skin condition, acne affects more than 50 million people in the United States.  A variety of successful treatments are available today, including prescription strength medications to reduce breakouts, as well as a number of noninvasive techniques for smoothing skin and eliminating acne scars.

BOTOX® Cosmetic 

Every year, Botox is the most popular noninvasive procedure.  Botulinum Toxin A, or Botox, will temporarily paralyze muscles within the treatment area, relaxing the tissue to smooth wrinkles.  Fine lines and deep creases that are caused by repetitive movements are eliminated for three months or more.  Botox Cosmetic can be used to improve Crow’s Feet, Frown Lines, forehead creases, and lipstick lines.  The injectable can also lift the corners of the mouth for more youthful lips. 

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel refers to a noninvasive treatment designed to restore a soft, smooth, youthful appearance.  Utilizing trichloracetic acid (TCA), a peel will eliminate the top layer of tissue, erasing large pores, uneven skin texture, and scars.  Hyperpigmentation and dark spots will fade with a TCA peel.  As the body’s collagen production is stimulated during a chemical peel, the benefits of treatment will last for months to come.

Cutera Titan Treatment

The Cuter Titan is a gentle, safe laser treatment, designed to stimulate the body’s natural formation of collagen, a vital building block of vibrant, healthy skin.  Using an infrared light, Cutera Titan will heat the deep dermis layer of the skin.  The benefits include tighter, more toned skin.  The Titan is safe for use almost anywhere on the body, including the face, jaw, chin, neck, arms, stomach, and legs.  Compared to older, less effective laser treatments on the market, the Cutera Titan provides patients with beautiful, uniform results.


As a staple of cosmetic surgery, Dermabrasion is well known for providing excellent results.  The treatment can improve the condition of the skin through a mechanical sanding technique.  The old skin is sloughed away, making room for new, smooth tissue to appear.  Dermabrasion can reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, deep wrinkles, large pores, and years of sun damage or hyperpigmentation.  Dermabrasion requires one to two weeks away from work, but the unparalleled results and fresh, dewy skin can last for years to come.

3D Skin Rejuvenation

3D Skin Rejuvenation combines three treatments, designed to improve the skin’s Tone, Texture, and Tightness.  The techniques includes the Limelight IPL, the Cutera Titan, and Laser Genesis.   3D Rejuvenation is geared to all around refresh and rejuvenate the appearance; results include the reduction of sun damage and age spots, erasing fine lines an wrinkles, and softening large pores and uneven texture.  Three separate 3D Skin Rejuvenation treatments are required for the best results, each spaced approximately four weeks apart.

IPL(Photo Rejuvenation)

Photo rejuvenation uses high intensity light therapy to restore an even tone and smooth texture to the skin.  Also referred to as IPL (intense pulsed light therapy), Photo Rejuvenation can improve the skin along the face, chest, back, arms, and hands.  The rejuvenating results from IPL include the elimination of rosacea, freckles, dark spots, and sun damage.  IPL therapy is painless, requires no downtime, and holds little chance for complications.  However, the ideal IPL candidate will have fair to medium skin.

Juvederm Injectable Gel

Juvederm Gel is a dermal filler, created from hyaluronic acid.  The smooth consistency of Juvederm Gel makes it an excellent choice for mild to moderate facial wrinkles and lines.  Juvederm Gel can also safely and effectively add volume under the eyes, along the cheekbones, and across the jawline to restore a youthful facial contour.  The injectable provides immediate results that can last for nine months or longer.  Juvederm Gel is made using the cutting-edge Hylacross technology, allowing for one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid found in an injectable; meaning safe, effective, and long lasting result.

Laser Hair Removal

Both men and women struggle with unwanted hair growth.  Shaving and waxing may provide temporary benefits, but stubble can often return the same day.  Laser Hair Removal permanently eliminates hair anyplace on the body; including the arms, legs, back, underarms, and bikini area.  The procedure takes less then 30 minutes.  A series of comfortable treatments, performed about four weeks apart, will be required for optimal hair removal results.

Laser Genesis (Skin Rejuvenation)

By gently warming the top layer of tissue (the upper dermis) Laser Genesis will fire up the body’s collagen production.  Patients can expect to see smoother skin, with an even tone and smooth texture.  Laser Genesis restores a youthful glow by erasing deep pores, surface wrinkles, sun damage and dark spots, red areas, and scarring.  The procedure is virtually painless, and Laser Genesis requires no downtime.

Lipodissolve has become accepted as a safe, minimally invasive injectable alternative to surgical Liposuction throughout the world. It was introduced to the United States several years ago and is gaining in popularity among American physicians.

Mesotherapy is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure which is commonly used for body contouring to treat cellulite and reduce body fat. It is also used for facial rejuvenation. This treatment involves a series of injections which are administered into the layer of fat beneath the skin. The injection solution contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and medications.


Using the Diamond Tome, microdermabrasion will remove the outer most layer of skin, encouraging fresh, new tissue to appear.  Fine lines, scarring, blemishes, and superficial wrinkles can be eliminated through microdermabrasion.  After treatment, the face will look younger, glowing, and more refreshed.  Best of all, microdermabrasion does not require any downtime, making the perfect restorative procedure.


Perlane is a large-molecule hyaluronic acid filler.  Injected directly beneath the skin, Perlane will immediately plump tissues.  Deep facial lines, folds, and wrinkles caused by lax tissues can be immediately improved using Perlane.  The collagen stimulating benefits of hyaluronic acid mean that benefits from the injectable will continue to appear over time.  Results from Perlane can last for up to 12 months, sometimes longer.


Radiesse is a calcium based, gel dermal filler.  The injectable will restore facial contours in areas such as the cheeks, jawline, and under eyes, while encouraging collagen production.  Formerly known as Radiance, Radiesse is a safe and effective way to turn back the clock, for a smooth and youthful appearance. 


Restylane is part of the Hyaluronic Acid family of dermal fillers; it has been on the market for almost ten years.  The injectable is known to provide immediate improvements for deep facial lines and wrinkles, nasolabial folds, as well as acne scars.  Areas of the face with diminishing volume can be rejuvenated with Restylane, sculpting under the eyes, the cheeks, and filling out the lips.  Restylane is safe for all skin types and provides results for three to six months.


Rosacea can appear at any time, but most often it begins to appear between the ages of 30-50.  The red patches and generalized flushing can be seen on the back and chest, although normally Rosacea is seen on the face and ears.  A variety of effective treatments for Rosacea are available at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery and Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique.

Spider Vein Treatment (Sclerotherapy) 

Unsightly, purple, stringy veins can appear on the legs, arms, hands, and face.  Women are the most susceptible to spider veins; and up to 90% of all ladies will experience this condition during their lifetime.  Sclerotherapy uses an injectable solution to eliminate these veins.  Once the sclerosing agent has been injected into the vein, they will collapse, forming fibrous tissue over the following several weeks.  The veins will slowly fade from sight, leaving beautiful skin behind.

Visia Complextion Analysis 

The Visia Complexion Analysis utilizes a cutting-edge, computerized camera to provide a picture of the skin’s health, as well as predict how it will age without any intervention.  The percentage of lines, wrinkles, sun damage, dark spots, and acne-causing bacteria can be assessed.  Using the results form the Visia Complexion Analysis, a personalized treatment plan for beautiful, smooth, age-defying skin can be created.  The Visia Complexion Analysis is part of a complimentary skin care consultation at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.

Vitalize Peel 

The gentle blend of acids combined in the Vitalize Peel provide a safe and effective way to refresh the skin.  Optimal results require a series of Vitalize Peels, gently removing the damaged top layer of the skin, to reveal fresh, new tissue.  The skin can see an improvement in superficial lines, increased tone, and fewer breakouts and acne, along with a smoother, youthful texture.