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Otoplasty at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

Otoplasty, sometimes referred to as ear pinning, is a surgical technique to reshape the ears and often places them closer to the head. When performed on patients, an otoplasty can provide excellent benefits, removing the stigma of looking different from their friends. Otoplasty is also performed on adults who have been self-conscious of their ears all of their lives.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery’s otoplasty procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery. Dr. Vitenas uses the Houston Surgery Center, an accredited surgical center in his same building. On average, the otoplasty will take from one to two hours. Dr. Vitenas may choose to use general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. Incisions are usually located in the back of the ear, though a small incision is sometimes made on the front crease of the ear. Dr. Vitenas has made the predetermined incisions, he will reshape the cartilaginous framework of the ear is reshaped and re-positioned the structure closer to the head.topdoc ear surgery

Otoplasty recovery generally takes less than two weeks. Aching and tenderness in the ear after surgery is common, but should resolve in a few days. Dr. Vitenas will prescribe needed pain medication for a comfortable recovery. Swelling, redness and numbness may also occur. The stitches are removed within ten to fourteen days. Most patients return to work and school within a few days. Vigorous exercise will need to be put off for up to six weeks, allowing the ears to fully heal.

Otoplasty HoustonOtoplasty FAQ:

What is the otoplasty procedure?

Otoplasty is an invasive procedure that is performed in an effort to reshape the ears and reposition them closer to the head.

Will I make a good candidate for the otoplasty?

Anyone over the age of 16 with large, protruding, or mismatched ears may be good candidates for otoplasty.

Are there any age restrictions for otoplasty?

Otoplasty may be performed on patients as young as 16 years of age.  In fact, the procedure can have tremendous benefits when performed on anyone, sparing them the ridicule and stigma often associated with large or protruding ears.

What will Dr. Vitenas review at my otoplasty consultation?

The consultation appointment provides time for Dr. Vitenas to review your medical history, perform a quick evaluation of the ears, and to discuss your aesthetic goals.  He will show multiple before/after photos of his recent otoplasty patients, and in some cases use computer imagery, as a way to assist in visualizing the potential results.  Dr. Vitenas will explain the surgery in detail, and provide the exact cost of your procedure at this time.

Where does Dr. Vitenas perform his otoplasty?

The otoplasty will be performed at the Houston Surgery Center.  This accredited outpatient surgical center is located steps away from Dr. Vitenas’ office.

What is the average cost of an Otoplasty?

The otoplasty will cost between $5,000 and $7,000 depending on the extent of correction needed.  At the consultation appointment, Dr. Vitenas will provide the exact price of an individual procedure.  Feel free to use our contact us form for an online price estimate.

What are the options for anesthesia during an otoplasty?

Otoplasty is general performed with local anesthesia plus IV sedation, however general anesthesia can be used when needed.

How does Dr. Vitenas perform the otoplasty procedure?

For otoplasty, small incisions are made in the back of the ear or, on occasion, on the front crease of the ear.  The cartilaginous framework of the ear is then reshaped and the ear is repositioned closer to the head.

How long does an otoplasty take?

An otoplasty can take from one to two hours, depending on the exact correction required.

Where can I exact the otoplasty incisions to be placed?

The otoplasty will utilize small incisions, made along the back of the ear or, on occasion, on the front crease of the ear.

Does otoplasty result in visible scarring?

The otoplasty incisions will result in permanent scars, though they tend to be small and well concealed, placed either on the back of the ear or in the front crease of the ear.

Is otoplasty a painful procedure?

Some aching or throbbing of the ears may occur during the first few days after otoplasty.  Dr. Vitenas is conscious of needed pain medications, which he will prescribe for the healing process.

How long is the otoplasty recovery period?

Most patients will recovery from their otoplasty in two weeks or less.

What should I expect from my otoplasty recovery process?

Immediately after surgery, some swelling and redness can be expected.  Tenderness, aching, and temporary numbness in the ear are common.  These will resolve over the following several days.

When can I return to school or work following my otoplasty?

Most patients are back to their normal routine within a few days of their otoplasty.

When can I resume workouts, after my otoplasty procedure?

Most patients are healed and ready to exercise again about four to six weeks after their otoplasty procedure.

What are the risks and complications associated with the otoplasty?

Excessive bleeding, infection, scarring, delayed wound healing, and hematoma are rare after the otoplasty, although these are potential complications of the surgical procedure.

What are my otoplasty payment options?

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery accepts cash and all major credit cards, as well as financing through CareCredit.