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Overnight Recovery at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

Nothing can replace the comforts of home. When you are recovering from a surgical procedure, however, heading home too soon can be overwhelming. Discomfort and limited mobility often go hand-in-hand with invasive procedures, such as Tummy Tuck, Bodylift or a Facelift. Dr. Vitenas understands the first night after surgery is the hardest and is excited to offer his patients a unique choice for care during their post-op phase.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has a brand new office, surgical center, and a one of a kind overnight recovery suite, ready to ease the transition after an invasive procedure. Located just steps away from our state-of-the-art operating rooms; the contemporary recovery suite combines all of the amenities of home with the comfort of around the clock nursing care. Patients can rest comfortably knowing the recovery retreat is nestled within Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery’s technologically advanced medical facility.


The recovery suite at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers:

  • Luxurious, comfortable bedding
  • Private bathroom
  • Personal nurse
  • Gourmet meals
  • Large screen television with cable and Netflix
  • Cozy pullout sofa for a family member or friend
  • Hidden entrance and exit for complete confidentiality
  • Peaceful, modern decor
  • Quiet location
  • Full 23 hours of post-op care

While a spouse or close friend may be waiting to assist you at home, it is possible they will not have the ability or the know how to provide all of the attention you require during those first few hours. The biggest advantage of Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery’s recovery suite is the personalized care, with experienced help right outside your door. Changing bandages, taking medications, going to the restroom, and making those first steps are less daunting with a private nurse, close at hand.

Available to all of our patients, the recovery suite is perfect for those who are traveling from out of town, will not have adequate help after surgery, or simply who do not wish to ‘tough out’ the first night alone at home or a hotel. The morning after surgery, Dr. Vitenas will check in on your progress, and your nurse will make sure you are prepared to continue healing at home.

Everyone is invited to stop by Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery’s new office, and take a tour of our innovative recovery suite. Located on Richmond Avenue, the building is only blocks away from the world-class restaurants and shopping of Highland Village. Contact Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at 281.484.0088 for more information on our recovery suite, or to set up a complimentary surgical consultation.