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Physician’s Grade Skin Care Versus Department Store

Skin Care Versus Department StoreIs there really a difference between the skin care products sold at a medical spa and the similar-sounding, high-end products available at retailers or department stores? Women certainly know there is a difference in price. The question is, are they worth it? The consensus is a resounding yes. There is a dramatic difference between product lines, and the added cost is worth every penny.

The reasoning:

At major retailers, the facial products often sound fabulous, have beautiful packaging, and smell terrific – yet the results can be miniscule, if even detectable at all. These brands spend thousands of dollars on marketing – hence the great names and appealing bottles. They also dump in excessive amounts of fillers and perfumes – knocking your socks off after one sniff – but these additions can irritate the skin and aggravate allergies, all while doing nothing to help skin.

The makers of medi-spa products spend large portions of their budgets on scientific research instead of marketing campaign; reasoning that ultimately, the results will speak for themselves. Their facial products use prescription grade ingredients, specifically included to address skin problems such as dark spots. There are no fillers or heavy perfumes; you get exactly what you pay for.

Another problem with department store items: a single product cannot work well for everybody. One client’s skin is not at all like the next persons. As the climate in Nevada is incredibly different from that in Connecticut, each is woman deals with not only varied skin issues, they are exposed to different environmental factors.

A professional skin care evaluation at the medi-spa will determine what damage exists on the face, and just what combination of products will best address these needs. The skin can build up resistance to any product, so working with a professional aesthetician or cosmetic surgeon is key, as they can change your facial products strategically, on a regular basis.

The bottom line, a customer’s money is well spent in the spa. While the cost may be a little more, you are guaranteed to achieve your desired results and walk away with beautiful skin. Isn’t that worth the added investment?

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