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Plastic Surgery Is Like an Easter Egg

Plastic Surgery and Easter Eggs

Nothing is more beautiful than an Easter basket full of eggs.  Who doesn’t find joy in their smooth shape, bright colors, and hidden treasures?  If you think about it, plastic surgery actually has a lot in common with the glorious Easter Egg.  Both are gorgeous on the outside and delightful on the inside!  Just take a look:


  • First comes the hardest part.

To get to the heart of an Easter Egg, you have to go through the tough shell.  There is no way to get to the good stuff without working through the hard part.

The initial step towards plastic surgery is similar.  Taking the first step may be difficult (and scary), but the rewards are magical.


  • It sounds indulgent, but it’s actually good for you.

Despite recent criticism, eggs provide important heart-healthy fats, Vitamin D, and lots of protein.  Plastic surgery has opponents also, but in fact, it can be extremely beneficial.  For example, Liposuction has been found to lower cholesterol and breast reductions can decrease back pain.


  • The real prize is on the inside.

While brightly colored Easter Eggs may look beautiful, the real award is inside.  Plastic surgery will give you a gorgeous ‘shell’, but the amazing part will be how wonderful you feel afterward.


  • They come in a variety of styles.   

Solids, polka dots, and stripes; the variations of Easter Eggs are endless.  Cosmetic surgery results are just as wide-ranging.  Whether you want bigger breasts or a smaller nose, there is a plastic surgery procedure designed to work just for you.


  • You have hunt around for the best.

The really good Easter Eggs are the hardest to find.  The same can be said about cosmetic surgeons.  They are not all created equal, so do your homework before committing to anything.


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Happy Easter from Dr. Vitenas and all the staff at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery