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Plastic Surgery Horrors: 10 Serious Mistakes Patients Make

10 Serious Mistakes Patients MakeYou have probably heard the horror stories of plastic surgery gone wrong.  From scars, to amputations, and even death, cosmetic procedures can have serious consequences.  Many times, though, poor results can be the fault of the patient.  Take care of yourself – do not make one of these scary plastic surgery mistakes.

  1. Not taking care of your results:

Whether it is avoiding further sun damage, eliminating a smoking habit, or hitting the gym regularly – in order to maintain optimal results from a cosmetic procedure, a commitment of care is required.


  1. Bluffing about a cigarette habit:

Many cosmetic surgeons will not operate on a smoker until they have kicked their addiction.  This is because a heavy smoker will have decreased levels of oxygen in their blood, resulting in delayed wound healing.


  1. Not mentioning the supplements you take:

Do not overlook listing Fish Oil, Ginseng, or any other supplement and vitamin on your medication list.  These, along with Aspirin and other drugs, can effect your platelet formation, which in turn, can cause serious, extensive bleeding.


  1. Trusting a shady medical spa:

Convenience is not everything; visiting a medi-spa in your neighborhood is nice, but looks may be deceiving.  There can be no substitute for a clean spa, with cutting-edge equipment, and trained professionals.


  1. Understanding your own body:

Some features cannot be changed through even the most exertive surgery, such as the distance between your breasts (cleavage).  Knowing just what is ‘fixable’ and what isn’t is key to receiving satisfactory results.


  1. Not realizing the risks involved in ‘fixing’ plastic surgery results:

Poor results from a cosmetic procedure may leave you wanting corrective treatment.  But first, make sure your body has time to heal, so that the ultimate results can be evaluated.  Procedures, such as a Rhinoplasty, need 12 months before the last of the swelling subsides.


  1. Being cheap:

Going with a bargain priced procedure is not a good idea.  You get what you pay for, and bargain prices from a pop-up shop or mall kiosk (or someone’s living room) will only guarantee sketchy results.


  1. Not checking a surgeon’s credentials:

Just because an office is pretty, or a doctor is wearing a white coat, does not mean they are qualified to operate on your body.  You do not want a physician who may have lost their license, or never had a license, altering your appearance.


  1.  Seeing the wrong doctor:

You love your dentist and trust your gynecologist, but they are not necessarily qualified to administer Botox Cosmetic or perform a Facelift.  A Board Certified plastic surgeon has extensive training in cosmetic procedures; this is the only doctor you want to trust with your aesthetic needs.


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