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Pre- and Post-Breakout Acne Treatments

Acne Symptoms

Acne is the world’s most common skin disease. It can (and does) affect everybody to some extent; the extent to which you might be affected is governed by a lot of different factors, chiefly:

  • hormones
  • hygiene
  • environment
  • general health

If you’re stressed and run down, which most teenagers are most of the time, while being ravaged by hormones, you will be affected by acne.

Luckily, we have a good handle on the causes and effects of acne, and can therefore create a treatment protocol for each individual.

Some advice is also given on this site. Some of the lesser known culprits include your pillowcase and continuously touching your face. This will transport bacteria from your environment, through your hands, to sensitive areas.

Since acne is caused by a build-up of bacteria, blocked pores, dead skin cells and over-production of natural oils, there are also a number of treatments that can help:

  • facials to clear the pores
  • chemical peels to actively remove damaged skin

Those are just a couple of treatments, but for those suffering from severe bouts of acne, antibiotics can also help. These are seen as a last resort. It is better to make lifestyle changes, and take advantage of both home-based treatments as well as professionally applied solutions to try and help the skin.

Adult Acne Treatments

Besides helping teenagers deal with acne as it happens, Dr. Vitenas also has a number of treatments for adults who did not have access to the same level of skincare that today’s youth enjoy. This leaves some adults with scars and skin damage which can be unsightly.

However, using modern IPL and laser treatments, the effects of teenage acne can be gradually reduced, and in some cases almost removed entirely. Again, chemical peels can be used in conjunction with more advanced treatments to help soften the scars and restore a more even level of pigmentation over the affected area.

Looking over the experiences of former patients, it’s clear that the stress associated with acne and the damage to skin leads to self-esteem issues later in life and can all be reduced (if not eliminated) by a treatment protocol, before, during and even after the “acne years.”

At Dr. Vitenas’s Houston based practice, the Vitenas Skin Institute can help with all of the above — from dealing with the initial signs of acne, to reducing the scars and skin damage resulting from a severe, or under-treated breakout. What’s more, Dr. Vitenas is offering a complimentary consultation, which you can book through the website, or by calling (281) 484-0088. So, whether you’re suffering, about to suffer, or want to alleviate some of your acne symptoms, Dr. Vitenas is sure to have a solution.