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Formerly known as Radiance, Radiesse is an innovative soft tissue filler, made from a calcium-based gel. The smooth injectible is used to effectively sculpt features and reshape facial contours. Radiesse creates a scaffolding effect when injected beneath the surface of the skin, encouraging and supporting new collagen growth. The skin’s foundation is rebuilt, resulting in a natural, healthier appearance.

Radiesse can be used to sculpt the facial features and jawline, create contoured cheekbones, fill in deep creases, and eliminate dark hollows beneath the eyes. The results from Radiesse are long-lasting and do not involve the risks associated with other permanent fillers or implants.

Houston Radiesse PhotosThose experiencing a loss of volume in the face, or those who are looking to bring balance to the facial features, may make an excellent candidate for Radiesse. The injectible is safe for both men and women, of all skin types and ethnicities. Applied in a private treatment room by expert injector and experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Vitenas, Radiesse injections take 60 minutes or less. The injectible is placed immediately below the skin, through a series of injections with a very fine needle. Depending on where the filler is placed, a local anesthetic or dental block may be used to increase comfort.

Side-effects of Radiesse are temporary, and can include slight redness and mild swelling. Requiring little to no downtime, Radiesse patients are free to return to their usual activities right after treatment, with no restrictions. Benefits of one Radiesse treatment can last up to two years or longer, depending on the treatment area.

Q – What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable filler, used to reshape the facial contours and restore a more youthful appearance. Comprised of a calcium-based gel, the filler creates a scaffolding effect under the skin by encouraging and supporting new collagen growth. Radiesse can be used to eliminate dark hollows beneath the eyes, create defined cheekbones, fill in deep creases, and sculpt the jawline.

Q – What is Radiesse made from?

Radiesse is created from tiny, smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres, that are suspended in an aqueous gel. The unique makeup of Radiesse ensures consistent, dramatic results.

Q – Who makes a good potential patient for Radiesse?

Radiesse can benefit both men and women, experiencing a loss of of facial volume, as well as those looking to bring balance to their facial features.

Q – Where will my Radiesse injections be performed?

All injectables, including Radiesse, are administered in a comfortable, private treatment room at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, on the corner of Richmond Avenue and Drexel Street.

Q – Is Radiesse a painful procedure?

Discomfort tends to be minimal with the Radiesse injection, although a local anesthetic and/or a dental block may be used, depending on the treatment area.

Q – Will anesthesia be used prior to my Radiesse injections?

Local anesthesia and/or a dental block may be used depending on the patient and the placement of Radiesse.

Q – How is the Radiesse procedure performed?

A thin needle is used to inject the Radiesse beneath the skin.

Q – How long should I expect my Radiesse treatment to take?

Radiesse injections are generally fast and each session normally takes less than an hour to perform.

Q – What can be expected from my Radiesse recovery period?

Some slight redness and mild swelling may occur after the Radiesse injection. These side-effects can be expected to quickly resolve on their own. Normal activities can be resumed the same day as application, without restrictions.

Q – When can I go back to work after getting Radiesse injections?

Patients are free to return to work or other normal activities the same afternoon as their Radiesse treatment. However, as mild swelling and redness are common following the injections, some patients will wait until the following day before going back to work.

Q – How long will the benefits of Radiesse last?

Patients can expect the results of Radiesse to last up to two years. However, the benefits may last longer in some areas of the face.

Q – Are there potential complications from Radiesse?

Radiesse is a safe procedure with few serious risks. Like all injectable procedures, there is always a possibility of bruising and swelling. Complications such as facial asymmetry, infection, and nerve damage are rare.

Q – How much does Radiesse cost?

Radiesse is a calcium hydroxlapatite, semi-permanent soft-tissue filler, created for restoring shape along the cheeks, lower jawline, and jowls. The cost will depend on a variety of factors including the treatment area and extent of correction required. On average, one syringe will cost from $500 to $650. Most patients will require at least two syringes for optimal results. During the consultation appointment, Dr. Vitenas will determine the exact cost of treatment, and discuss the discounts available for the purchase of multiple syringes.

Q – How can I pay for my Radiesse injections?

At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, patients have the choice of paying with cash or all major credit cards. Additionally, our office accepts medical financing through CareCredit. Speak with a patient coordinator for additional information.