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Dr. Vitenas Recognized for His Outstanding Contribution to RealSelf

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A lot of people turn to the RealSelf website when they want to learn more about a procedure, its potential side effects, and when they need to gain the confidence to determine what procedure is right for them. It’s thanks to the surgeons who contribute to RealSelf that the site is as scientifically reliable as it is.

In addition to its role as an educational tool, RealSelf gives patients a way to praise the achievements of their own surgeons and give them the credit they deserve.

Now, we are proud to announce that the RealSelf website has awarded Dr. Vitenas the RealSelf 100 Award.

RealSelf is concerned primarily with the care of patients before, during, and after their surgery. Likewise, Dr. Vitenas takes pride in the care and attention all patients receive, from the very first consultation, right through to the recovery from cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

RealSelf 100 Award for Plastic Surgeons

One of the cornerstones of the award is that doctors recognized for the distinction demonstrate “outstanding commitment to patient education” and help “millions of consumers get access to reliable, expert information about cosmetic procedures, treatments, and aesthetic concerns.”

The Award puts Dr. Vitenas in the top 2 percent of board-certified physicians contributing to the RealSelf platform — a rank based on his 5 out of 5 star rating in patient reviews, on his posting accurate, informative, and well-presented answers to important aesthetic, cosmetic, and surgical questions on topics from facial plastic surgery to breast enhancement, and on his stellar record on procedures ranging from Botox to fat transfer methods.

In fact, the Founder/CEO of RealSelf Tom Seery says “nearly 20 percent of our total site views centered on helpful answers and information posted by this relatively small group.”

This puts Dr. Vitenas at the forefront of modern plastic, cosmetic, and aesthetic surgery, a place he richly deserves, as he now carries his talent for communication, as well as his innate sense of duty for his patients, from his practice into the realm of social media and the web.

As stated on the website, his practice centers around the following:

– Experience: He has dedicated over 20 years of his career to helping patients look and feel their best.

– Patient Care: He caters to each patient as an individual, and has the knowledge to provide the very best care to each one.

– Comfort: He offers a safe and modern environment and a top-notch surgical team.

Combining these elements means that it’s no wonder that Dr. Vitenas maintains a solid 5 out of 5 rating based on real patient reviews, and has answered nearly 700 questions posed by real people with one common desire — to look and feel great!

Of course, the accolades don’t stop there. Dr. Vitenas has been published in various journals and is often featured in magazines for his exceptionally natural looking results. He also continues his work in education by giving annual lectures and holding symposiums, a vital service to the medical community as his surgical style and many of his techniques are emulated by his peers.

Visit the photo gallery to see the outstanding results Dr. Vitenas can achieve, and then book your initial consultation at Houston-based Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery by calling 281-484-0088. The team may also be contacted through their very informative website.