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Recent Surge in Male Cosmetic Surgery

Male Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery For MenMen are reportedly turning to cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their career prospects. High pressure living, fuelled by career prospects and the threat of redundancy hanging overhead may be to blame, but with the economic recovery under way, it seems that there is a new trend emerging in male cosmetic surgery.

In fact, some surgeons are now catering to male clients, offering procedures like abdominal etching to enhance the pectoral muscles and chin and jaw augmentation. This would seem to suggest that the current trend is more than just an attempt to look less tired and more youthful and rugged, and more about fine-tuning the actual structures that define a man. Women, it should be noted, have already understood this – with various cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and butt lifts – but this concept has been less popular with men… until now.

The Liposuction Procedure

Let’s start with liposuction. This is an easy-to-understand procedure – excess fat is removed through a small incision, using a high-tech vacuum device. The fat may or may not be pre-treated to loosen it and turn it into an easily managed liquid using lasers or the injection of products that help to break down and make it easier to remove.

Liposuction can be applied just about anywhere, but men seem to like to use it to reduce the size (volume) of their breasts, and sometimes couple it with techniques to add definition to their muscles. Body sculpting, as it is known, can be used to great aesthetic effect and is gaining in popularity.

While liposuction can be used on the face, there are other, more common procedures that add definition and enhance natural good looks.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Many people like a strong chin on a man, and the chin augmentation procedure achieves this using an implant to strengthen otherwise weak features. It can also help to balance out other facial features like the nose, resulting in natural good looks.

It is a fairly quick procedure with a short recovery time that is usually measured in days, rather than weeks. There will be a small incision and resulting scar, but these usually heal into relative invisibility and are usually hidden by Dr. Vitenas in a handy crease of skin.

Another area that an implant can help add definition to is the cheek. A cheek augmentation procedure can help to make the cheek bones more prominent and, like a chin implant, help to balance out other facial features.

Finally, the brow lift is all about reducing a stressed-out look and lifting the weight above the eyelids. While it is a surgical procedure and has a lasting effect, the brow area can also benefit from one of a number of non-surgical, minimally invasive, cosmetic surgery procedures like Botox.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

If the above all seems a bit of a big step, then perhaps trying out some non-surgical alternatives would be an option. Dr. Vitenas has an extensive list of fillers and Botox treatments listed in the non-surgical section of the web site.

Beyond basic chemical peels which return a youthful glow to the patients’ skin, and dermabrasion techniques which basically sand the skin smooth, there are laser treatments which both remove excess skin cells and stimulate repair growth of collagen.

Often used in conjunction with these treatments are various injectables (such as Botox and Radiesse) which help to subtly reshape the face and give the appearance of youth. While not permanent, they are a great introduction to cosmetic surgery and offer the patient a chance to see how great they could really look!

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