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San Antonio is the Most Interested in Plastic Surgery

San Antonio is the Most Interested in Plastic Surgery

Everyday, thousands of people use Google to research cosmetic procedures.  The Internet can provide a wealth of information for consumers.  Web-savvy people know that not every site is created equal; some information is more reliable than others.  Setting the bar for plastic surgery information is Real Self, an all-inclusive Website devoted to everything and anything cosmetic surgery.  So what is everyone searching for?  The most popular procedures include Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Mommy Makeovers, and Botox.

Not only does Real Self track the most popular cosmetic surgery searches, the site also puts together a list of what area of the country is perusing information.  You may find the results for 2013 very surprising.  While some would guess New York City or Chicago, due to population, those did not even show up in the top 10.

The city most interested in plastic surgery, according to Real Self searches, was San Antonio.  Statistics show up to 83 people out of every 1,000 on the site hailed from the Alamo area.  Overall Texas and California both tied in the top 10; each with three cities.  Second to San Antonio was Oklahoma City, while pulling up the bottom was Los Angeles.

Top 10 Cities Interested in Cosmetic Surgery:

1.      San Antonio, Texas
2.      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3.      Austin, Texas
4.      San Diego, California
5.      San Francisco, California
6.      Miami, Florida
7.      Charlotte, North Carolina
8.      Atlanta, Georgia
9.      Dallas, Texas
10.  Los Angeles, California

The reason for San Antonio’s interest in cosmetic surgery is debatable.  The city is rapidly growing.  Their diverse population is becoming more aware that cosmetic procedures can be tailored for them; it is no longer reserved for the upper-class, middle-aged woman.  Another factor, possibly coincidental – or possibly not – Amazon just rated San Antonio as the most romantic city in the United States.  The River Walk, San Antonio’s prized destination, certainly infuses beauty into the population.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, located in Houston, is only a short drive from San Antonio.  The three hour commute makes a day trip possible, or even better, a comfortable distance for a cosmetic surgery weekend get-a-way.  For more on your desired procedure, either invasive or non-surgical, call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at 281.484.0088.