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Sizzling Summer Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

Summer is in full swing, and so are the cosmetic surgery rumors!  Some procedures are verified, others are just speculative, but either way, they sure make some juicy gossip:

This week, Lady Gaga was seen on the New York City street, sporting not a designer wheel chair, but what looked like a custom-tailored nose.  Miss Gaga has taken some time off from the public eye in recent months, both to recover from hip surgery and to shed some pounds, but it certainly seems like there may have more going on.  Her nose looks sleek and straight, a big difference from her broad nose of memory.


Courtney Stoddard has had her breasts done, um, big!  If you know who Courtney is, this may sound unbelievable because has always had an hour-glass figure, but it looks as though she really has really upped the ante.  Until now, the 18 year old ‘teen’ bride has maintained she is all natural, but no longer.  Courtney went to Twitter to wish her fans a Happy Fourth of July – and share a glimpse of her DDs.


Amanda Bynes has made several trips to her cosmetic surgeon this summer.  From having the ‘webbing between her eyes’ removed, to an adjustment on her breast implants, Amanda has dropped a pretty penny on plastic-procedures of late.  Well surprise, surprise – Amanda just Tweeted about her current RhinoplastyMs. Bynes is also vocal about the future cosmetic surgeries she is planning.


Amid her recent engagement rumors, Hayden Panettiere has managed to create an extra bit of buzz.  Photographers snapped some sexy shots of the Nashville star in a sparkly bikini.  Known for being flat-chested, Hayden’s breasts suddenly looked fuller and rounder than usual.  Did she get her breasts done for her upcoming nuptials?  If she did, her surgeon was careful not to overdo it, her curves look natural and proportionate on her body.


We are excited to see new episodes of Arrested Development back on TV.  If you are fan, you may have noticed that Portia De Rossi looks a bit different.  Hollywood cosmetic surgeons all agree that Portia shows evidence of having a reduction Rhinoplasty, a Blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction), and probably received fair amount of facial fillers.  Her face looks tighter, her nose pointed more upward, and forehead smoother; 40 year old Portia is fighting back hard at the hands of time.