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Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery – Don’t Do It

Houston Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery

As if we need anything else to push the point that smoking is terrible for you, a new study just published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery really drives it home.  Researchers logged the changes that occur in a smoking twin versus their non-smoking sibling. The results were powerful; the sibling that smoked at least five years longer looked noticeably older than their once identical family member.

To undertake this investigation, researchers from University Hospital Case Medical School attended the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio; where over 2,000 sets of twins registered in 2012.  A total of 79 sets of twins were asked to participate and be photographed, one smoker and one non-smoker.

After analyzing the photos, the results overwhelming showed the smokers with more upper eyelid sagging, under-eye bags, and more prominent wrinkles. The signs of aging were markedly accelerated in this twin, all of which were an average of 48 years old, but many looked between five and ten years older.

Researchers then turned the photographs over to an array of plastic surgeons, who pointed out more of the ‘specific components of facial aging’ that were evident.  Doctors pointed out deeper Nasolabial Folds, fine lines around the lips, sagging jowls, and under-eye bags.  These signs of aging were seen in the middle and bottom part of the face.  Unbelievably, these alterations in the appearance were all brought on willingly.

Due to the physical changes that occur in a smoker’s body, the ideal patient for a cosmetic procedure will be cigarette free.  Smoking effects the circulatory system, demising the blood flowing from the heart outward to various parts of the body.  This can cause a significant delay in wound healing. More than that, the changes in skin texture and wrinkles resulting from repetitive muscle movement are a sure-fire way to undo your expensive cosmetic surgery results.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery will hold off on performing a procedure until a patient has stopped smoking for at least two weeks and will commit to refraining from cigarettes for another four to six weeks.  This presents a fabulous opportunity to give up cigarettes for good.  Talk to Dr. Vitenas during your consultation visit for personalized, expert advice on kicking the habit.  To have your questions answered, concerns quelled, or an initial appointment set up, call our office at 281.484.0088.