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Summer Loving – Use Photo Rejuvenation to Turn Back Time!

Houston Photo RejuvenationIPL, also known as intense pulsed light or photofacial rejuvenation, is a treatment that has shown great results in treating sun damaged skin. It can also remove light freckling, and is one of the best treatments for rosacea on the market.

While IPL is effective in restoring damaged skin, sometimes it just isn’t enough to turn back the hands of time. For those who have fine lines and wrinkles brought about by the natural aging process, there’s a tendency to immediately think about cosmetic surgery.

For many, though, surgery isn’t an attractive option due to the downtime or other factors. And non-surgical alternatives like Botox and fillers need to be repeated every few months. If only there was another way… Enter 3D Skin Rejuvenation, a procedure that combines the best of all the laser treatments in one series of visits.

With the 3D Skin Rejuvenation procedure, the LimeLight (IPL) light-based treatment is first used to repair and remove discoloration, such as freckles, spots and rosacea, and this is then combined with Titan and Genesis treatments. Titan is a non-invasive, yet deep skin treatment, which tightens the skin and improves skin tone.

The advantages of Titan over other similar treatments is that, besides a bit of redness, there’s no outward sign that the treatment has taken place at all, and therefore no downtime. The procedure can be done in an afternoon and the client can resume their normal activities the next day. Titan can be used all over the body, and not just the face, so is a great way to prepare for a summer of fun.

Laser Genesis is a little more powerful – it can repair scar tissue, improve skin texture and remove fine lines – but is also a treatment with no downtime that can be used on the face and various other parts of the body.

With these excellent treatments available, getting your skin into shape for the summer has never been easier. Remember, though, to treat your skin with care, protect it with appropriate products, and enjoy a safe and happy summertime.

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