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The ears, like the nose, are a prominent feature. Ears that protrude can distract in the same way an oversized nose can– we think that people are concentrating on them rather than on what we have to say, and this shakes our confidence. Even if it isn’t true, it will have an effect on the way you deal with people, and how you view yourself.

Of course, children are less behaved, and often tease their classmates on account of their oversized ears. Even if adults are a bit more thick-skinned, it can still hurt to have our faults pointed out.

The general principle behind the surgery is to move the ears closer to the head and reshape them if necessary, always being sensitive to the shape of the head and face. The goal is to create a perfect set of natural-looking ears to go with the rest of the patient’s features.

It’s a quick procedure, taking one to two hours to complete as an outpatient, usually under local anesthetic, although general anesthetic is also a possibility. Small incisions are made behind the ear, the cartilage is reshaped, and the ear repositioned. Then, recovery.

Otoplasty Recovery

Initially, recovery time is short (a couple of weeks) but it will be a while until the patient is able to start on their usual strenuous activities. This makes scheduling the procedure for a vacation period idea. Go on holiday with your old ears,then come back with better ones. In many cases, beyond a spring in your step, if the change is not drastic, nobody will even notice!

For those a little anxious about the end results, Dr. Vitenas can perform some advanced computer imaging using actual photographs of your face and head to show what the expected outcome will look like. In this way, you can agree on a surgical process that presents you with results that you will both be happy with.

This patient care and attention to detail is one of the factors that has consistently kept Dr. Vitenas at the top of patient reviews, and first in line for awards given to surgeons practicing in his field.

You can call Dr. Vitenas’ practice at 281-484-0088 to book an initial consultation and see how he can help you to restore your confidence, or your child’s, with ear surgery. His practice is based in Houston, and he also runs a very informative website, complete with photo galleries, descriptive text, and patient testimonials to help you in your decision.