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The Face of Christmas Past

Houston Facelift

This Christmas, take a minute to pull out the old photos of holidays past.  Boy, times have certainly changed!  Everything looks a bit simpler, less hurried, and less stressed.  There is one thing, though, that has changed for the better (other than the hairstyles, of course), can you spot it?  Look carefully at the ladies in those old snapshots.  You will probably notice a few more wrinkles and crinkles around the Christmas tree in 1973 than in 2013.

Women have become much more knowledgeable about skin care, and proactive with aesthetic improvements over the years.  With some know-how, and a secret weapon – their cosmetic surgeon, the face of Christmas will be forever changed.

What 50 Used to Look Like:

Deep, horizontal forehead creases

Crow’s Feet at the edges of the eyes

A Frown Line, or “11”, between the eyebrows

Sagging Jowls and undefined chin

Nasolabial Folds between nose and mouth

Lax skin of the upper eyelids

Puffy, dark tissue under the eyes

Downturned corners of the mouth

Small, pursed lips

Dull, dry skin

Wrinkling, lose skin of the neck  

What 50 Looks Like Today:

Smooth forehead

Relaxed expression

No outward signs of worry or stress

A rested appearance

Contoured chin

A taut, youthful neck

Flawless skin

A glowing, fresh complexion

Emphatic, lifted cheeks

Bright, open eyes

Full, upturned lips

Wouldn’t our grandmother have been excited to have a 30 minute Botox Cosmetic treatment for her Frown Lines or Restylane to plump her thinning lips?  Aunt Beth might have opted for something for her eyes, like a Blepharoplasty to lift her upper and lower lids.  Cousin Jenny would have visited her cosmetic surgeon for a different reason.  After two pregnancies, her breasts had deflated and began to sink; so a Breast Augmentation could have beautifully replaced this lost volume and restored her figure.

This Christmas season, pull out your secret weapon: Dr. Vitenas.  With a little help from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, these moments in time, captured on film, will show you looking rejuvenated and gorgeous – forever.  When you are ready to put your best face forward, call our office at 281.484.0088.  Before you know it, your 50 will start to look like your grandmother’s 40 . . . maybe even 35 or younger!