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The Great Game of Cosmetic Surgery

The Great Game of Cosmetic SurgeryPicking an exceptional provider of cosmetic surgery should never be left to a coin toss. Always use a board certified, experienced cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Paul Vitenas. After serving the Houston area for over 21 years, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has become the undisputed champion of aesthetic enhancement. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is committed to providing every patient with the best care and personalized attention.

A Blitz on the Competition

Dr. Paul Vitenas is a fan favorite for good reason; he has received numerous awards and special recognitions throughout the years. Most recently, Dr. Vitenas was named part of the RealSelf 100, a top ranking for the most patient-friendly, interactive cosmetic surgeons in the country. He has also been named one of Houston’s Top Docs, America’s Most Compassionate Doctors, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and been honored with a Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award.

Intercepting the Aging Process

Many women drop the ball on their personal care, as they get busy with work and family. This is a fumble that the Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery can recover. Our world renowned Skin Institute is ready to rejuvenate the skin and brighten the face; come see how an Obaji Blue Peel or Microdermabrasion can throw a Hail Mary at the signs of aging.

Kicking Off Your Body Transformation

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery can provide that much deserved Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, or Liposuction. Dr. Vitenas’ artful eye is also ready to tackle your backside with a Brazilian Butt-Lift, to enlarge and enhance the natural curves of your buttocks. Never underestimate the Tight End’s value on the team – a full, round bottom is essential for a beautiful, hourglass figure.

The Replay

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery provides the best of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements for the face, breasts, body, and buttocks. Whether you are from the Houston area, or are traveling from across the United States, let us know what you need during your complementary consultation; our patient coordinator is always available, helping to make your cosmetic surgery experience smooth and easy.


Way to go Houston – home of the 2017 Super Bowl! Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is excited to share our great city with football fans from around the country. Let us be the host for your cosmetic procedure; call our office at 281-488-0088 for more information on your favorite aesthetic play.