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How to Plan for the Most Natural-Looking Facelift

Houston Natural-Looking Facelift

There has been a lot of press over the years around the so-called “natural facelift”. The idea behind this is that some simple exercises, coupled with a special diet, a variety of different self-adhesive pads (to treat crow’s feet while you sleep), and even a machine known as the Slendertone Face headset, can all produce the same results as a surgical facelift.

One of the reasons that people go down this route is fear of that dreaded unnatural, over-pulled look that has become such a turn-off in recent years.  In fact, it’s a problem for surgeons all over the world – there’s still a misconception that you can spot a facelift a mile away because the face in question will look like it has been stuck in a strong wind!

The root cause of the problem is that people often try to go for too much. This leads to the infamous celebrity ‘trout pout’, for example, where lips just have too much added volume, and the pulled back look of an over-enthusiastic facelift. It just doesn’t look natural. These issues exists with many of the popular procedures, including the nose, ears and face, when people decide to go for just a little too much correction. But rather than ditching the idea of a surgical facelift completely, it is possible to ask for – and receive – a natural-looking facelift.

Natural Looking Surgical Facelifts

Looking over the facelift before and after photographs on Dr. Vitenas’ web site, it’s clear that his clients have opted for the less-is-more approach to their cosmetic surgery. Some of the best-looking facelifts are the most natural; just a tweak here and there to help correct the effects of growing old in today’s busy, stressful, environment. Patients still look like themselves, just a younger, more fabulous-looking version of themselves.

While there are many different techniques available today in facelifting, the classic facelift works by making incisions that can be hidden within the hairline and then re-draping the skin so that the appearance of wrinkles and sagging are much reduced.  Dr. Vitenas expands upon this technique, using a dual-lane technique to create a more youthful yet natural and relaxed appearance. With this technique, both the skin and SMAS are addressed with multiple vector lifting and reshaping.

For more information on the facelift, visit Dr. Vitenas’ facelift FAQs.

Some patients also combine the facelift with other procedures such as the browlift or eyelid lift to address aging signs in the forehead or eyes. During the consultation phase, clients work closely with Dr. Vitenas, looking at photos of past surgeries and using computer imaging to simulate the facelift and establish the clients’ wishes. At this stage, Dr. Vitenas will also take the client through various pre- and post-operative care options, as well as offer advice on caring for the skin. These consultations are important in both managing expectations, and preparing the patient and the face for the surgery itself.

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