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Every year, there are a million suggestions on how to make New Year’s resolutions that will stick, but everyone knows they never work.  While it sounds good in November, to wait until January 1st to start eating healthy, once the new month rolls around, it really isn’t so easy.

One of the reasons resolutions do not pan out is that we have our eye on the goal and not what it takes to get there.  We want to wear a size 4 or have a six-pack, but the reality is, we are not prepared for the hard work along the way.  When results do not show up right away, people tend to give up.

In 2014, simply resolve to make a change.

This New Year, resolve to make a difference in the here and now.  Focus on doing what you can today to improve your mind, spirit, and body.  When you wake up with the mindset that you are going to do whatever you can to encourage change today, you will not be consumed by the ’20-pound-lighter-you’.  The ultimate results from the adjustments are limitless.  Making a change today can include a donation to your favorite charity, a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood, or a brief meditation before work.  Keep in mind:

  • Live in the moment – you’ll never be here again.
  • Leave yesterday behind.
  • Tomorrow is too far away to worry about.  Do what you can today.

One way to start the New Year is to visit your cosmetic surgeon.  He can explain the procedures that will rejuvenate your individual appearance.  Some treatments have immediate results, and some take time to reveal themselves.  What is important is the effort you are putting in to make an improvement.  Having Botox Cosmetic injections, a Neck Lift, or a Breast Augmentation is taking imitative for change today.  Let it be enough to know the end result will be fabulous.

Let Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery help you make a change.  As Houston’s top cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Vitenas brings years of experience and skill to each patient.  Get started by calling our office at 281.484.0088, we would be thrilled to turn your dreams into reality.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery wishes you a safe and happy New Year!