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Too Much on Your Plate This Thanksgiving

Plastic surgery and Thanksgiving, HoustonYou’ve worked hard for you body, or spent a lot of money to achieve it, so don’t let the Thanksgiving Holiday take you back a step or two.  Planning is key to everything in life, and the holidays are no different.  Procrastination and denial can lead to too much on your plate – literally – undermining your successful year.  Think of Thanksgiving dinner as an obstacle course; while it may be challenging to navigate, you can feel good about yourself when it is over.  To survive the Thanksgiving Dinner challenge, train yourself to do the following:

Survival Tip 1:  Don’t start off starving: 

If you arrive at the Thanksgiving table hungry, you are likely to stuff yourself fuller than the turkey.  Before you arrive for the big meal, have a healthy snack, such as almonds or edamame, and remember to drink plenty of water.  You’ll be less tempted to over eat.

Survival Tip 2:  Portion out your foods:

This rule is simple; do not pile your plate high with all of the yummy selections.  Your Aunt Mary’s sweet potatoes and your grandmother’s broccoli cheese casserole are delicious, but they are also extremely high in calories.  Instead, if you sample out a small portion of every dish, you will feel satisfied, without the guilt of overeating.

Survival Tip 3:  Avoid liquid calories:

Mixed drinks, beer, wine, sodas, and sweet tea are extremely high in calories – and do nothing to fill you up.  Save the calories for Thanksgiving food and quench your thirst with water.

Survival Tip 4:  Don’t rule desert out:

Do not completely deprive yourself of all those wonderful seasonal treats.  This can lead to frustration and over eating later.  Take one small helping of that pie; this will satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing your waistline.

Survival Tip 5:  Go for a walk:

After you eat, don’t head straight to the couch for an afternoon of NFL football.  Instead, go outside for a brisk walk with your family members.  It will be a pleasant way to end your meal while at the same time, burning away some of those Thanksgiving calories.

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