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Top 5 Reasons for a Breast Augmentation

Reasons for a Breast AugmentationEvery single day, numerous women make the life-changing decision to have a breast augmentation. Their journey is the culmination of dreams and hopes they have had brewing for many years; rarely is the procedure an overnight decision. There are as many motivators for the surgery as there are women, but five reasons stand out above the rest:

1. Make the breasts proportionate to the rest of the body.

Breasts that are very small or very large can sit unnaturally on a woman’s body, bringing unwanted attention to the chest area. The right breast implants will give a woman a natural looking silhouette, providing a chest that better matches her shape and size.

2. Allow clothing to fit better.

Women seek breast implants to look better in their daily attire, not just swimwear. A breast augmentation can provide a chest that is proportionately sized to their body type and build. This can make shirts and tops fit appropriately, giving a woman a lovely profile.

3. Replace lost breast volume.

Another reason women choose breast implants to bring back their ‘old self’. After multiple childbirths, loosing weight, and normal aging, the breasts can decrease in volume and begin to significantly fall. Breast implants can round out the breasts, making them fuller and perkier – just like they used to be.

4. Make a previous breast augmentation more appropriate.

Maybe a woman had large breast implants added when she was 28, but now she is 38 and not so happy with her look. Large breast implants sometimes no longer fit a woman’s personality. The exchange of one implant to another is a common reason for women to look towards breast augmentation.

5. To feel more beautiful.

Self-esteem and confidence are tied to body image. If a woman has small breasts or extremely large breasts, she may be unhappy with her body and hide under clothing. A breast augmentation or breast reduction gives a woman a sense of pride in her body, making her feel lovely in her skin.

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