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Top Male Plastic Surgery Trends for 2014

Male Plastic Surgery in Houston

As we get into the New Year, many of us will be thinking about a fresh look for 2014. Each year, the ASPS produces a set of official statistics that break down the various cosmetic surgery procedures by gender and age. Their report splits procedures into surgical procedures and non-invasive procedures and can throw up some interesting trends.

For example, 2012 saw Botox, hair removal, and microdermabrasion top the list of minimally invasive procedures carried out on men. For cosmetic surgery procedures, there was a drop in the number of nose jobs being done, but an increase in eyelid surgery, with a slight drop for third-placed liposuction.

The figures aren’t yet out for 2013, but early indications are that trends established through 2012 will continue to hold, with more and more men turning to cosmetic surgery, first through minimally invasive procedures, and then through rhinoplasties and other facial surgery.

There is likely to be more Botox injected than noses corrected, but there are a few advances on the horizon that some are saying will see a trend away from invasive surgery and towards minimally invasive techniques.

More Botox and Longer-Lasting Fillers

The issue with Botox and fillers like Juvederm, is that the results can often be relatively short-lived. People generally think in terms of months, or up to a year, with standard fillers. However, the FDA approval of Voluma in 2013 saw the advent of fillers that have an effect that can last for over two years.

For 2014, several more longer-lasting fillers are on the horizon, with some claiming effects that will last for up to 5 years and, in some cases, may be almost permanent. Of course, with newer fillers it is difficult to substantiate claims of longevity or permanency as they have not been on the market long enough to be sure exactly how long the effects will last.

One thing is clear, though – men will go for a light touch of Botox, probably more frequent applications, and a definite trend towards using more longer-lasting fillers in more areas of the face.

Advances in Body Sculpting

Another aspect of male plastic surgery is body sculpting. Procedures include traditional fat removal techniques such as liposuction, but also newer techniques such as Coolsculpting, which freezes fat in order to kill the cells, leaving the body to remove them without the need to actually suck them out via a tube, as is the case with traditional liposuction.

Again, fillers like fat injection can also come into play to shape the torso, stomach, and other areas, leaving men with a more sculpted physique. Of course, there are limits, and just because a man looks to have a six pack, it doesn’t mean that he’s been working out at the gym!

However, for many men who just can’t make it to the gym as often as they’d like, or find it harder and harder to shift the buildup of fat due to the aging process, these new techniques offer great alternatives to spending every waking hour on a treadmill.

Full Facelifts will Drop

One trend that seems to be set to establish itself is a drop in full facelift surgery as a proportion of procedures performed. With the rise in the use of fillers, their lower cost, and limited downtime and recovery, coupled with new technological advances, this seems inevitable.

Of course, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) will continue to be popular, as these are two areas for which fillers can only offer limited support. Many surgeons agree that, thanks to improvements in skin tightening and advances in dermal fillers such as collagen stimulators, signs of aging in faces can be more naturally reduced.

Alongside laser based skin tightening procedures, such as Titan, it is clear that, in the future, the need for a full facelift may well fall or at least be able to be postponed, as people begin to look at cosmetic surgery in the same way as a bi-annual trip to the dentist.

For many people who don’t feel the need for full-on reconstruction, many frequent light touches may prove to look more natural and keep them from looking and feeling old.

Only time will tell…

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