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4 Vaginoplasty Benefits

vaginoplasty benefits

Your body changes as you go through life, as a result of the natural effects of aging or due to major events, such as getting pregnant and giving birth. While some changes are visible and immediately obvious to you and others, other changes are internal and might be something only you notice. For example, it’s common for the vaginal canal to stretch after childbirth or simply as a result of aging.

Surgery to tighten the vaginal walls is known as vaginoplasty. While the results of your surgery  might not be obvious when you look in a mirror, it still provides a number of perks and benefits.

What Happens During Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is performed inside the vaginal canal. Before the surgery starts, a patient is given either general anesthesia or a local anesthetic and IV sedation. The surgeon makes an incision in the floor of the vagina and removes a portion of the vaginal wall. The muscles in the vagina are then tightened.

Usually, the surgery takes less than two hours to perform. Recovery can take up to 14 days and might involve some swelling, bruising, bleeding and soreness. For the most part, women are often able to go back to light activities, such as class or an office job, after about five days. Exercise and other vigorous activities, including sex, should be put off  for at least a month after surgery.

Benefit 1: Can Improve Sex

Speaking of sex, one of the benefits of vaginoplasty is an improved sexual experience. If the vaginal canal is widened and the vaginal muscles weakened as a result of aging or childbirth, it can be difficult for a woman (and her partner) to feel the same during sex. The surgery not only tightens the vaginal canal to improve sex, it can also boost a woman’s sexual confidence, which can also have a positive effect on her sex life.

Benefit 2: Can Minimize Incontinence

One side effect of childbirth that few people like to talk about is stress incontinence. When people have stress incontinence, a little bit of force, like a laugh or a sneeze, can cause urine to leak out.  It’s very common in the last trimester of pregnancy and after birth, particularly among women who have delivered vaginally. While in some cases, the incontinence goes away after a year or so, some moms are still dealing with it years after their last child was born.

Kegel exercises are often recommended to help minimize stress incontinence, but they don’t always work. Some women do find that tightening the vaginal canal helps relieve their incontinence.

Benefit 3: Corrects Deformities

Although vaginoplasty is often grouped into surgeries considered as part of a mommy makeover, it can be performed to correct issues or deformities with the vagina that have been present from birth. For example, one of the original reasons for the development of vaginoplasty was to correct conditions such as vaginal agensis, in which the vaginal canal doesn’t form at all, or to correct vaginal canals that were too short. These conditions aren’t common, but for women who have them, vaginoplasty can allow them to have a regular sex life.

Benefit 4: Gives You a Boost in Self Esteem

A major benefit of vaginoplasty is the boost in self confidence and self esteem it can give a woman. Childbirth changes a lot of things about a woman’s body, and she might not feel in control of those changes or happy about them. If she decides to have vaginoplasty, she can feel as though she’s making a choice that will have a positive effect on her body.

Who is a Good Candidate for Vaginoplasty?

Like any plastic surgery, vaginoplasty isn’t always the right choice for everyone. Women in good health are usually good candidates, as long as they aren’t smokers and don’t plan on having any more children. If you are still considering getting pregnant again, it might be best to postpone vaginoplasty until after you’ve had your last child.

It’s also important that a woman understand what the surgery can and can’t do. Vaginoplasty is for the inside, while a surgery such as labiaplasty changes the external appearance of a woman’s genitals. Depending on your goals for surgery, you might choose one or the other or combine the procedures.

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