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It is my pleasure to give feedback on my vaginoplasty surgery

It is my pleasure to give feedback on my vaginoplasty surgery. After spending several months doing kegel exercises, that did not seem to work, I decided to search the web for more answers. I stumbled upon Dr. Vitenas website and was quite impressed with the extensive background and experience he had doing this type of surgery. His website was informative and educational as well. My husband and I both felt a change during intercourse. When I spoke with Dr. Vitenas he listened and understood where I was coming from. He explained how he could help me and in detail went through the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation. From the very first meeting we had till my entire recuperation, Dr. Vitenas and his staff made me feel so important and comfortable. Needless to say the vaginal rejuvenation went great. My surgery was scheduled on a Friday, the procedure was done in the office , I went home within hours and was back to work that Monday. I am 8 weeks post surgery and I must say the results are GREAT, I feel like I did before I had my three natural births, my vagina is much tighter and we enjoy sex much more.