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Dear Staff

Dear Staff,

It took quite some time and consideration for this email. My husband and I did not want to sound like some cheesy romance novel!
One word for my results following my vaginoplasty is WOW!! I never realized my sex life had become mediocre. If asked how were things between my husband and I, we would have said, “fine, O.K. or pretty good.” After three kids, two of which are 16 months apart, and being 40yrs old; I felt my keagal exercises were not working. Although my husband was initially against it, I researched the procedure and found wonderful Dr. Vitenas. Our lives have not been the same since.
After the six weeks initial healing, it was literally a new introduction to our selves. Our intimacy has greatly improved on so many levels. This procedure has made a definite mark in our lives. My husband acts as if he is in his twenties again! So many friends have commented on how much younger I look, how healthy my skin looks, etc… etc.. As I stated earlier, “WOW!!” I could write a cheesy romance novel.
At the risk of repeating myself or writing something inappropriate, I bring this email to a close. Thank You Dr. Vitenas for everything. My sex life is nowhere near mediocre anymore!

Ms. T.