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Dr. Vitenas talks about the elasticity of skin after liposuction

Paul Vitenas, Jr., M.D., a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, discusses the effects of liposuction on skin elasticity. If you feel your skin is tighten after you undergo through a liposuction operation procedure, the tightness of the skin will be determine on different factors. 1st- Skin tightness depends on your individual skin elasticity. The skin types are different for all people. Your skin may be elastic easily recoverable, or It probably will be loose and hard to reach its previous tautness. 2nd- It depends on the liposuction procedure option you have chosen. There are many special liposuction procedures which induces better recovery of the skin after the operation itself. 3rd- Basically, your genetics and the preparation of your body system. If you do regular exercise before the operation, your skin will have more elasticity to recover after the fat reduction.